6 classic blades of the small-ball era

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. All of those stars at their peak exuded a strong personal charm, and the ping in their hands was once sought after.

There was a time when I used to sit in front of the TV with a bench and watch the 21-point rounds with great interest, imagining that I could have the equipment in the hands of the stars and my buddies to kill, but as a student I could not afford to buy those expensive bats, hoping that I would be able to buy everything I wanted when I grew up. However, the rules of table tennis changed again and again, the diameter of the ball became bigger and bigger, the technical action became stronger and stronger, some classic bats of the small-ball era gradually could not meet the needs of 40+ big balls in the inorganic era, and gradually withdrew from the historical stage.

Butterfly KONG carbon

Butterfly has always made the baseboard with the name of the player, and the player can also get a lot of income through endorsement, which is a win-win situation for both sides. The carbon base plate named after Kong Linghui, in fact, there are two models, a pure wood, a carbon, the most classic is of course the carbon model, because the characteristics of the suitable for the public, the ability to play, both sides of the balance, no obvious loopholes.

The reason why the aramid carbon is called classic is because this aramid carbon baseplate can clearly feel the slight concave deformation in the moment of biting the ball, and the good throughput of the hinoki surface material with the toughness of the aramid carbon makes the arc better but the sense of power is not very strong, and the control of the rhythm is better. In the era of 40mm ball, its hinoki face material due to the larger ball body, holding the ball feeling enhanced, tung wood core excessive unloading, so that the aramid fiber in the rebound speed becomes slow, too long energy storage time, slightly sluggish, threatening ability and sense of pressure is not enough and finally discontinued.


It is the pinnacle of five-layer pure wood structure, and until today, when you mention five-layer base plate, you still can’t get rid of the classic structure of Koto (Kotou) or Limba (Limba) top material + spruce force material + Ayous (Ayous) core. It has a strong sense of throughput and overall deformation, and you can even experience the feeling of catching the ball and throwing it out again when pulling the ball vigorously, with a high arc, a rapid second jump, and a strong bottom strength.

OC can be said to be an arc machine, with a violent arc performance, the advantages are outstanding, the disadvantages are also obvious. After ushering in the 40mm ball change, although the surface material of the Linebacker can maintain a better sense of holding the ball, so that the arc and control to get the most optimization, but for the speed of the hit did not improve in the slightest, the near table fast attack does not dominate, feeling more “meat”, especially the backhand bounce, dragging, not at all crisp. But the good news is that Stika is already launching upgraded versions of the classic baseboard one after another!

Yasaka YE

Yasaka Extra, a five-layer pure wood table tennis baseboard produced by Yasaka, was first used by the French player Gaiting, superb control and the ability to start under the spin achieved his crossboard two-sided arc unreasonable play, how to power how to have. Later, Ma Lin used YE, mainly because of its in-table control ability, then Wang Hao also followed, because this straight board two-sided arc circle throw-up is really cool.

The YE is much softer than the OC and other five clips, and the face material is not Limbaugh, but Angoli, so it is more forgiving. The handle is thin, so it is easy to unload and rub the ball inside the straight board, and the center of gravity is forward, so it can even support the power burst and strong rotation. However, the pushing aspect is too weak, the borrowing force is okay, the hitting is soft, the speed is not outstanding, can’t do a hit, and the force pushing tests the hand and kung fu, gradually abandoned by Ma Lin and Wang Hao. At present, Yassaka is mainly promoting its competitor series baseboard, the classic 5+2 structure baseboard in the big ball era!

DONIC Carbon

The 5 wood + 2 layers of carbon base plate was brought up by the Chinese national team when they were still using pure wood base plates. Due to the thin core and thicker force material, the carbon is on both sides of the core, hard outside and soft inside, the handle is hollow, and the thin body of the board faithfully transmits every bit of vibration and spin to the palm of the hand. There is a slight tingling sensation when hitting the ball, so the handling is extremely good.

This characteristic is very easy to rub, pick, pluck and bounce in Laohua’s hands, especially in terms of borrowing power and blocking the arc ball is excellent. However, it is the arc circle and the retreat link after a strong effort, the thin core can not provide more powerful support, pulling the ball fast but not much quality, amateur players use a relatively weak, only the old tile not much retreat control flow can not care about the bottom power problem.

Avalanche P500

The reason why I say it’s fantastic is that its feel can be truly feedback, every time you hit the ball, you can pass it to your hand without adding anything, clear and natural, like an extension of your arm, where to hit.

Generally speaking, the baseboard with excellent feel belongs to the soft category, with clear vibration transmission, sharp feedback and good quality of small and medium power shots.


This seven-layer pure wood is famous for Liu Guoliang’s straight fast attack. At that time, CL was a fast attack weapon, not deep and less forgiving, but even so, it was the king of the small-ball era with its fast speed and full support when playing granular rubber.

However, in the big ball era, CL’s hardness becomes soft again, no longer becomes so violent, but becomes somewhat balanced, and the output no longer becomes fierce, but continuous and stable. The thickness of seven layers and the large core of Ayus bring the surging power to the board, which can be used for fast attacking and speeding, and can be used for holding.

In fact, there are many classic rackets like this one, but there are only a few that are well remembered. Nowadays, some baseboards have been discontinued because of the manufacturers, and although some of them are still on the market, the feeling of playing and the feeling of playing 38mm small ball at that time has become different again. Equipment, environment, mood, technology, body, everything has changed and will never be the same again, some things will never be the same once you miss them, and you will never find the same feeling again. So for those who are still hesitant about your favorite racket, you should take it out when it’s time, don’t let yourself have regrets.

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