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In another week, the smoke filled March is coming. It is said that this March, the rivers and lakes will have a bloody storm, quite some of the scene of the year “the sword butchers the dragon, no dare not follow; leaning on the sky is not out, who competes with”. When I was not seen, this is an opportunity. Brothers, prepare the pockets of the soft, pull out the money not yet spent, to some “fever” trip it.

However, the journey is full of flowers, to start the “Year of the Ox first burn”, where should I start?

Butterfly Tenergy 19

The first burn is the biggest astringent rubber of the year, which is very exciting to think about. The company says, “We are going back to our roots and exploring new territories”, and for the majority of Tenergy fans, a new T series rubber is really worth waiting for. Tenergy 19 has a higher spin and speed than T05. The smaller pore size of the particles is used to ensure the deformation and ball eating sensation under small power, and the overall support and bounce power is enhanced by a tighter arrangement.

Compared to the Dignics series, Tenergy has a more pronounced ball wrap. Now that the T19 is back, it is clear that Butterfly still has great expectations for the Tenergy series. So, it is up to the enthusiasts to judge the success of T19.

Triple Double Extra

There are many sticky sets every year, and there are many this year. In March, we expect to see a new sticky jacket: Triple Double Extra, which has already been used by a number of Victas signings. Among them is the big name Mudbud Sensei. At the recent Japanese National Championships, Takashi Tanba’s backhand has been switched from V>15 Extra to this high stiffness, high viscosity Chinese made rubber.

With the advent of the plastic ball era, there is a higher demand for spin on the rubber. For players who love sticky sets, sticky jackets may have become somewhat commonplace. However, the Chinese made sticky jacket is a bit different when you think about it.

Official version of W968

Although not a new product, but has been ranked high official version of W968 as the first burn of the Year of the Ox can not be faulted. After all, there are hexagonal warriors and Super Grand Slam winner Dragon team in the “backing”. The quality of the ball is absolutely great. And in terms of scarcity, the official version is not very easy for most golfers to buy. In terms of absolute performance, it can be said that the current cricket world of the Yitian Tu Long. The combination of high explosive energy, strong spin and weird second jump, speed and pressure is enough to kill many big name baseboards.

And, in fact, even each batch of the official version of the W968, are constantly fine-tuned. According to my experience of playing the W968 over the past few years, the backhand position of the official W968 is now even better than the previous version. The support is stronger, the backhand feedback is more crisp, and the force can be added in the borrowed force. We all said that W968 is the first forehand, but now the backhand is also quite impressive.

In addition, there are gossips that there will be a lot of new baseboards coming out in the New Year from Red Double Happiness. It is expected to be announced at the launch event next month, so it is worth looking forward to.

Butterfly Super Lin Yunru

The Tenergy 19 will be unveiled on March 1, along with two other Butterfly baseboards: the Super ZLC and the Maze Advance, which is a less expensive pure wood five-layer. Then it is better to choose Super Lin Yunru. The first has a super Lin Gao Yuan, after a super small Lin Lin Yunru. What different sparks will pop up?

Although there is no difference in structure and thickness, Lin Yunru is said to have a softer style of hand. So, Super ZLC is going for the softer side this time? It’s hard to imagine, but it’s something to look forward to.

Stica Carbon 45 Gold Label Limited Edition

Rumor has it that the Gold Label Limited Edition Carbon 45 will also debut in March or so. Loved by national players and known as the amateur board, the Carbon 45 has captured many fans over the past few years. Last year, Stikka launched the red standard Carbon 45, but this time the “Gold Standard” is a deeper sense of the national player’s special. It is said that the selection of materials and processes are more careful. I am curious: is the board more flexible, or the feel more transparent, or more hard and tough?

In any case, a generation of god board, while the bottom of the gold standard limited special, will certainly attract a lot of eyeballs. As the first burn of the Year of the Ox, it is still a good choice.

Stika Xu Xin Gold Label Limited Edition

After playing the black label of the carbon dynasty and the blue label of Xu Xin blue label, this will be the gold label and what will be outstanding? As a fan of Stika, this is the time to burn, what’s more? Especially for straight board players, the gold standard Xu Xin limited, is the ceiling of the fever, right? The black standard is crisp and cool; the blue standard has a deeper ball-eating depth and a higher power ceiling. The gold standard of Xu Xin, which is more advanced in material selection, is unimaginable.

In a sense, this is the closest thing to a national player’s board, right? Whether it is suitable for us amateur golfers is another story. Because feverish people, never for “must fit” and burn, but the pleasure, the love of the reach. The first burn of the year of the ox, aim it.

Yassaka Falco Carbon
The first batch of ASAKA Falco Carbon has been sent to the national team for trial play. The same structure is built in aromatic carbon, but the fiber of Falco Carbon is different from that of Berserk Dragon 5. It is said that the fiber is made in Germany. The effect of amplification is especially obvious. Once upon a time, the Dragon 5 was known as a power amplifier. So from Sweden, and the use of new fiber Falco carbon, will be a surprise?

And for niche groups of players, such as chippers, the Galaxy Gold Song Yi Special is also a good choice. This burn, burn to her, is also wonderful.

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