BoLL ALC Golden Limited

The shorter the message, the bigger the story. In fact, this piece of butterfly Ball 70th anniversary special edition, now only “a small lotus just revealed the tip of the tip”, a picture only. But has already set off a fishy storm in the jungle, an enthusiast vowed to “must buy”. What kind of board is it that will be so tempting? This momentum, more than just butterfly 70th anniversary limited launch that will.
First of all, the shape is still very windy. The upper part of the handle, butterfly 70th anniversary of the gold label; tail, similar to the old iron brand of black special classic label. Look carefully, and the old iron brand is still slightly different. But the main color and style is the same. Although not everyone appreciates the beauty of this tail tag, but at least the black iron plate has a sense of age and historical imprint. And, if it’s the same old gold label every time, wouldn’t that be boring.

Handle style, FL and Ball fans of the most fascinating ST handle are available. It is worth mentioning that there is finally a CS straight handle. Last month, many straight board players ready to start Butterfly 70th anniversary limited, found no straight board handle, resentful ah. This time, it can be said that a one-time meet you.

Structure, as the name implies, TIMO BOLL ALC SPECIAL, that should be the BOLL ALC structure. Compared to the Vis, the Ball ALC has a sharper feedback near the table, and it is easier to start the spin. Although it is not the weapon of the Grand Slam winner, but Uncle Ball became famous at a young age and old but strong, fans are not less. As for this “SPECIAL” how to define? Special Edition” is a special edition, not a “commemorative edition”.

Special has its own distinctive features. On the plate, this Ball ALC Special Edition has a sweet spot logo like Super Zhang Jike. It means that the ball hit in this area has a higher on-stage rate and stability. So, I guess this special edition should have adjustments in order to get a wider sweet spot than the commercially available version. Better material selection? For example, the wood grain is straight to obtain a more even elasticity, and the selected tung wood core has stronger support. Or is it a denser layer of fibers for higher bounce and uniformity? Or, is it an adjustment in the bonding process. We know that with today’s board making process, the bounce of the sole can be easily changed by the change of the adhesive; at the same time, the sole can be made hard or soft bouncing.

In any case, the long-established structure of Ball ALC and the meaning of the 70th anniversary, especially the “Special Edition”, is certainly attractive and speculative. Will this Ball 70th anniversary special edition become a “money manager” again?

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