Decathlon Pongori

As a professional sports supermarket brand from France, Decathlon, has new ambitions in recent years. pongori is the table tennis brand that was born to carry out the new ambitions. Previously, Elite Ping Pong has launched PONGORI’s finished table tennis rackets and baseplates, and recently, some new rubbers with special features have been launched.

Today, we review the TTRB930 to see what a sticky set should look like in the DECATHLON/PONGORI philosophy, and what the trade-offs and balance between flexibility and stickiness, speed and spin should be.

Basic parameters

The front of the outer packaging, indicating the main parameters of each performance.

Control: 3 stars

Rotation: 3 stars

Speed: 5 stars

It is clear that the TTRB930 is mainly playing the speed card. On the hardness, marked 49 °. This hardness should be the benchmark of Nenergy jacket, more suitable for forehand, but not too hard. Touching the rubber surface, it is sticky. But this stickiness is more similar to Vega China, not the highly sticky cover rubber layer like Wild Breeze 3. Let’s describe it as moderately sticky.

The blue sponge is a bit like the sponge of domestic hard sticky set, but the foam pores are bigger, closer to the blue Pentium. The inverted tower shape of the particles is delicate in feel, and the power is good.

After unpacking, the rubber arched a lot. It looks like it was treated with energy boosting before leaving the factory. After this treatment, the sponge has a strong sense of internal energy, outstanding elasticity and a transparent feel.

This is a sticky set, but it is one with good elasticity, good speed, and easy to play. It is not the kind of lagging feeling when rubbing like Wild Breeze 3, but more similar to the kind of K1 Hybrid, which is relatively good penetration. But after the force can easily accelerate up.

It’s not a problem to use it in the backhand position. The hardness is moderate, and it is a high-speed style in a sticky set. Whether pulling or attacking, it is relatively balanced. Not too stiff or vague.

Practical Exercise

Spin value.

The spin is good, the sponge eats the ball deep, the pulling is fine, and the spin of the serve is also quite good.

This aspect is obviously better than many hard sticky sets without gluing. It is very light and fast. Some of them are like the speed of a glued madman. Also, it is relatively easy to achieve if you want to accelerate. In the middle and close stage, you can rely on the speed of the rubber to get rid of the opponent.

In-court control.

Shows good ability in in-court rubbing and short swing. Can hold the ball very well. The long slice and pick are also very comfortable to use.

Receiving and serving.

Good control. Soft touch. It is easy to screw or hang. Does not eat too much spin.

Pulling and punching.

The overall speed still drives the rotation. It can also be said that the rotation and speed to achieve a good balance. And it has a good pointing and precise landing point. The sticky surface also has a good arc advantage. At the same time, the sponge is not dead, and the continuous pull is very solid.

The transition from small power pulling to medium power holding is relatively natural, and the touch is clear. The pursuit of single-board fatalities is relatively difficult, more suitable for multi-board holding combat. It is easy to pull back and carry back. It holds the ball well and is not easy to eat spin.

This rubber can be used by players with average technical ability. The power threshold is not high.


The TTRB930 can be used for both defense and bouncing. This is a well-balanced rubber. All aspects seem to be solid and counted. No problem with pulling and attacking. Light and fast is the main theme in the transition between offense and defense.

What kind of player is it for?

Beginner to intermediate level players can easily control it. This is a well-balanced sticky set. Although it is considered a sticky set, it is not suitable for the mob that emphasizes single board killing, but overall, it fits the high-speed and multi-round combat style of the current plastic ball era and is suitable for steady players. The power threshold is low and it is pro-player. At the same time, it has a good sense of internal energy, a strong elasticity, and a pretty good pointing.

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