DHS vs Butterfly

In the two mock tournaments, five players each from the men’s and women’s singles of the country qualified for the WTT Grand Slam. Men’s singles: Fan Zhendong, Zhou Qihao, Wang Chuqin, Xu Xin, Ma Long. Women’s singles: Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Sun Yingsha, Wang Yidi, He Zhuojia. As an equipment “brick” home, of course, will think about the question: why they will choose a different weapon?

Today, let’s run through some of the mysteries.

The reckless rush to kill, from the “two-sided mad” high insurance

The 10 “finalists” mentioned above, in addition to He Zhuojia with Yassaka Fei Long, the other without exception, the forehand are blue sponge national wild 3. Some years ago the women’s team, there is a large part of the orange sponge national wild. The orange sponge is brittle and actually more energy efficient. The blue sponge also has better control inside the table, more delicate, and has a higher power ceiling. This is not, the women’s skills are becoming more and more masculine, is also very brave, more and more people choose the blue sponge of the national crazy.

The backhand position is also half with Biao 3 or Biao 8. Biao 3: Ma Long, Xu Xin, Sun Yingsha, Wang Yidi. Biao 8: Wang Chuqin, Chen Meng. The sticky rubber surface does have better ball holding and arc strengthening ability, and always gives more security when you are reckless with your power. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to simply borrow the force in the force, but to wait for the opportunity to take the initiative to make the force is the right way, and the same is true for the backhand position. Xu Xin, after retreating from the stage backhand can also pump a board; Ma Long, Sun Yingsha’s body we also see a lot of fast tear and counter-tear action. These are the advantages of backhand sticky sets.

Vis and Vis variants, following the trend of the times

High-speed conversion of attack and defense near the middle table is the current trend of technical and tactical development. Offense is the best defense, and in the process of defense there is often an element of offense. Whether it’s the opponent pulling and punching, and then hitting with a high pressure; or the opponent pulling and punching a board, and then we step back and pull back. It is not easy to tell who is actively attacking and who is passively defending. Butterfly King Viscaria’s crisp, solid Kou head and external blue carbon fiber layer keep the ball’s speed and direct bounce, and the near-desk defense is easy to handle. The linear power feedback under medium power makes the counterattack more stable.

In this, Vis variants, too, give players more different choices. Fan Zhendong’s gold standard Vis, which is rumored to reach over 95g, is a hard burgundy board that requires a high degree of power to conquer. The newest version of the game is the newest version of the game. You can use any technique with confidence. Zhou Qihao’s backhand integration (wrist, fingers, and arm together) of the very fast arc is like pulling the ball. Wang Manyu’s advanced backhand, with a more ball-holding baseplate, seems more reliable, with fewer unwarranted errors. The Dragon Slayer (Vis) is certainly powerful, but the Leaning Heavenly Sword (Lin Gaoyuan ALC) is also light and sharp, ah.

The big bold forehand arc circle, need power surging weapon, and physical strength

The men’s team of these top 5 players, the most retired table, the most dependent on the forehand happens to be two veterans: Ma Long and Xu Xin. It just so happens that both use a very tough baseboard for the forehand arc circle. Although W968 is built-in aromatic carbon, Xu Xin blue label is external stretch carbon. But both of them are carrying Ayus cores with strong deformation tension and strong sense of spray. Both boards have a long arc and a long forehand. The longer arc means you need to have more power action and room for power to back off the table. And the board’s performance coincides with Ma Long’s and Xu Xin’s playing style: the forehand is good, and you have to turn sideways.

Undoubtedly, for the older generation of national players, the forehand to get the world. The forehand is still more powerful than the backhand to kill. On the contrary, more retreats and more side-steps mean that you also need more running as well as physical support. This happens to be unfriendly to veterans. But if you choose a butterfly’s external carbon or something like that, you’re not necessarily going to be able to be so comfortable with both of their high spin-making abilities and their bottom-end power to kill.

The accumulation of “Tripod” and the players’ “inheritance”

The three legs are still Butterfly, Red Double Happiness and Styka. For Butterfly and Styka’s baseboards, the gold standard is starting to become a “professional” threshold. The gold standard Vis, the gold standard Carbon 45 and the gold standard Xu Xin. In terms of reverse rubber, it is almost a dichotomy between Red Double Happiness and Butterfly. This represents a battle between two different dimensions and different performance, high speed and high spin.

The players’ “inheritance” (choosing the successful predecessors’ baseboards and rubbers) is not wrong. Without Zhang Jike’s Grand Slam, there would be no Vis today; without Ma Long’s Grand Slam, there would be no W968’s dominance and the “two-sided madness” trend (not only in the professional field, but also influenced a large number of amateurs); without the foundation laid by Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha, the carbon 45 would not become a god board; Xu Xin The Blue Label also could not have topped the championship of straight board without any reason.

The ripples come from the influence of the strong, but we still hope that the weapons jungle will become more colorful afterwards, whether it’s the people, or the baseboards and rubbers.

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