DHS W968 8-80 301T

On March 30, 2021, the annual business meeting of Reddish was held at Sofitel Sheshan Hotel in Shanghai. Xu Yinsheng, Honorary Life President of the International Ping Pong Federation, Qi Shengnan, General Manager of the Table Tennis Division of Li Ning Company, Lou Shihe, General Manager of Reddish Co. and other big names in the Ping Pong world, as well as more than 100 distributors from across the country attended the meeting.

Personalization and Richer Shank Type

Prior to this, the personalized baseboards were only at the level of the commercially available baseboards. For example, for the Wild Breeze 5X and Wild Breeze 301, players could customize the “personalized ID” and “personalized pattern” according to their requirements. Now, either the W968 horizontal board or N301 straight board or will be fully open to personalization.

At the same time, the Breeze Dragon 5X, new ST and AN handle shape; 08X, new ST and CS handle shape; Breeze 301, new ST handle shape. The richer shank shape will further meet the needs of different users.

Brio 8 has added 80# sponge version – Brio 8-80

This is this year’s new counter-rubber. Before that, we are familiar with the 25# micro foam sponge version of Brio 8, which has 39-41 degrees. But what about Brio 8-80? There are 37 and 38 degrees. From here we can see that in the use of Biao Biao 8 and Biao Biao 8-80 forehand and backhand tilt.

In the past two or three years, in order to make up for the “lost spin” in the plastic ball era, national players like to add sticky backhand, and have used low degree sticky set: there is Biao 3, there is also Biao 8. The representative characters are Chen Meng, Wang Chuqin, etc. In fact, there are some players in the amateur field who use Biao 8 on their backhand, but the minimum is 39 degrees, which is still a bit hard. This time Red Double Happiness launched 37 and 38 degrees of Biao 8-80, obviously more in line with the needs of players.

In terms of sponge, the Brio 8-80 is different from the original Brio 8. The Breeze 8-80 is a more elastic 80 large diameter sponge, the feel is more transparent, speed sense is more prominent, lighter and more elastic. The combination of flexible and high viscosity rubber and high elasticity sponge is believed to be a new popular choice for backhand position. Of course, for a board with sufficient support, it is also possible to use it in the forehand position.

The 301T is equipped with a yellow, blue and black fiber blend.

It is the same as the Wild Breeze 301, with the same built-in aromatic carbon structure, but with an extra T, there is a difference. The letter “T” may stand for Three, which is a new combination of fibers. Each layer of fiber is a mixture of yellow and black aromatic carbon and blue and black aromatic carbon. Previously, the yellow black aromatic carbon or blue black aromatic carbon existed independently. Yellow black carbon is soft, better power storage and longer ball holding time; blue black carbon is brittle, better explosive power and faster first speed with power. The combination of these three colors of carbon is designed to produce a high quality ball even under medium power. Strengthen the support at the same time, the borrowing effect is better.

The price of the Wild Breeze 301T is slightly higher than the Wild Breeze 301X and Wild Breeze 301, which should be the more popular model this year.

Jinji 3T and Jinji 6X

The Power Pole series has always been a low-end, cost-effective existence in the Red Double Happiness baseboard camp. The 3T is also a tri-color aromatic carbon built-in structure, which is both rigid and flexible, keeping the ball soft while striving for high ball quality with small and medium power.

The Power 6X is a new product in the external aromatic carbon section of Red Double Happiness. Blue and black aramid carbon, emphasizing explosive power, more crisp ball delivery. It is more suitable for near table attack and defense.

The high-end fighter among the finished racket – Wild Breeze PRO

Although it is also a finished racket, but the treatment is different. It is paired with the Breeze series national baseplate, the forehand Breeze series rubbers, and the backhand Golden Bow series rubbers. For players who want to save their time and effort, this guarantees absolute performance. It’s not bad in practice.

In addition, the new WTT DJ 40+ table tennis and the new rainbow table will also be available in May and June.

The annual business meeting, the awarding of prizes is certainly a program, this business annual meeting, Red Double Happiness for different stars of the dealers were prepared for the gold ball and custom gold prizes.

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