Before that, GEWO (GEWO) launched several high-density German sets, such as Grape 450 and 475, which have the high speed of high-density sponge while improving the feeling of wrapping the ball. It has a lot of its own fans in the market. The one we are going to unveil today is different, it is a cake sponge set, and to the touch, the rubber surface is very sticky. It seems to be a very different style.

The name of the rubber is CODEXX, the Chinese name is “decipher” and it comes with a 52 degree purple sponge, Code means code, as if it means that Jevo has found the entrance to a new type of internal sticky rubber.

The view

The first thing that comes to my eyes is the red rubber surface, which is clearly visible and full of particles. It feels like a side of Breeze 3 after being filled with priming oil. I guess it should have a good feeling of eating the ball. The overall feeling is very moist. The ARC-HIT Technology on the rubber surface indicates that CODEXX should be quite good in terms of arcing and directionality.

The rubber has a good stickiness, similar to K1 Plus, more sticky than Butterfly’s D09c and Yura’s ZGR, but not as good as Breeze 3. The foamy purple cake sponge looks fine and moist.

First feeling

When you turn the ball over, you will feel that the sponge has good support, but not hard, the official description is 52 degrees, the hardness is similar to T05FX. The elasticity is not as good as those high-density rubbers from Jawa, because the rubber surface is sticky.

When hitting, it is not very transparent, and it feels a bit like Breeze 8-80, but it is clearer and more flexible.

Although it is a sticky rubber, unlike Brio 3 which has a bit of brittleness, CODEXX is relatively soft and not tight, but gentle and delicate. It’s a bit of a “run” of the Japanese set.

On the field of play

Let’s see the performance of CODEXX on the field. The weight of the whole uncut sheet is 72.5g. 50g on the horizontal side of the board. this weight should be biased towards the forehand position, but now the trend is for the cake sponge to become heavier and heavier, because the hardness of the sponge is being increased to strengthen the overall support and bottom strength. So it is possible to use a heavy rubber on the backhand side.

In-counter control.

It holds the ball well with little power. The sticky rubber has a very good short swing. The long split can also be sharp. In addition to the hold of the rubber, I can feel the sponge wrapping the ball with a little force. It is very easy to add spin. Short ball, screw a board up, also no problem.

Leveraging defense.

The support of the sponge itself is not bad, it can carry. Unloading or adding force to the defense are on the stable side. When defending against the opponent’s pulling and punching, the power in the borrowed force bounces, and the directionality is very good. The arc length is not long, there is no oppressive long arc. It’s more stable. The elasticity is average, so the speed performance is not outstanding.

Arc creation.

This is the biggest advantage of CODEXX. From the feeling of holding the ball with a small force on the sticky surface, it is easy to create arcs, and it has a high rate of getting on the table for small pulling and topspin. Highly compatible with technical movements. The overall spin is sufficient.

The bottom power is not aggressive. It is better than the traditional hard national set such as Brio 3, but not as bouncy as many astringent jackets. The rubber is easy to drive, the feel is clearer, and the stability of continuous pulling is high. It has a high forgiveness for pulling thinly, or pulling with impact.

Speed and spin values.

Good spin value in all techniques (e.g. serve, receive, arc). Not the kind of fierceness that kills in one hit. Generally, the backhand is relatively smooth, but the forehand, you have to match the high elasticity of the baseboard. For example, the wild breeze dragon, wild breeze 301, Xu Xin blue standard and so on. For the amateur backhand, CODEXX hold the ball feeling and arc manufacturing ability, are very useful. Defensive and power popping are not bad, stable enough.

CODEXX, not brutal, more on the D09c and Breeze 8-80 kind of warm, viscosity between the two. It is stable and has good continuity. For professional players, the forehand is still a bit lacking in killing power, while the backhand is similar to Brio 8-80, but with a clearer feel. For those who want to strengthen the arc ability, CODEXX is more suitable.

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