JOOLA 3 Blades

In the base plate system of Yura, the price of the Amazing Dragon series can be called “sky-high”. But the core behind the high price is the quality of the flagship. This is to drain the wallets of the players! Surprisingly, the Amazing Dragon series, especially its flagship product “Scepter”, was sold out of stock in the market for a while. It’s not just a name, it’s really something!

All a ship’s

Scepter, ice, and hybrid are the three base plates of the Amazing Dragon series, which are on the same boat, what do they have in common?

The pricing is high, and Korea, Japan and Italy are working together. Korea is responsible for the assembly, Japan imports the fiber, Italy imports the handle. All of a sudden, it is high. The face is really not bad, and the workmanship is strict. The grip of the handle tends to be consistent, similar to Vis, but will be relatively flat.

External fiber structure, strong fiber flavor. The Scepter (PBO-C and AL-C), Hybrid (Super PBO-C and PBO-C), and Icebound (AL-C) are all made with different fibers, but they all place the fiber layer under the face material, which leads to a brittle and hard feel in the feedback. And because of the different flavors made, you will feel the fiber feel more intense than those external fiber plates of butterfly. Simply put, after powering up, you can feel a lot of the wood aspect of Butterfly’s boards, but with Yura’s Amazing Dragon series, the fiber feel seems to be a bit more. The Scepter is the most obvious. In order to match this strong external fiber, both the hybrid and the ice-bound are made with a large core of tung wood. Although the official said the scepter is Ayus big core, but I observed that it should also be tung wood core. The Kirigiri core, which has always been transparent and weak in shocking hands, is better controlled for near-table attacks and defenses, and the ball is stable and counted in the table.

One speed is outstanding, fast arc style. These three types of baseboards are all external fiber structure, the ball style is relatively crisp, direct rebound speed are good, borrowing power is quite good to use. Although there are differences in style, overall, they are more suitable for fast arc players.


The most fierce and technically demanding. Used by amateur masters and above.

Yulalong Amazing Scepter

The horizontal layer of PBO-C and the vertical layer of AL-C mixed, that is, ZLC and ALC combined, the fiber feel is very violent, the ball quality is really extraordinary. The overall speed off the board is very fast, give some power, it is very tough. It is fast and full of power. Honestly, I can’t say that the spin is particularly strong, but this soleplate is made of a softer and more ball-eating Rimba surface, which neutralizes the arc and ball-eating feeling. The ZLC, which has a high bounce, and the ALC, which has an instant bite, provide a balanced bounce and hold.

The speed is between the butterfly external ALC and external ZLC. But the fierce degree of power is not to be outdone. The absolute killer. The elasticity is a little too strong, and the small ball inside the table is easy to venture high. This really must be more solid basic skills of the player to be able to hold. Otherwise, the error rate will be higher.


Used by amateur players of intermediate skill level or above. Between “fast” and “arc”, prefer “fast”. If the level is average, but the pure fast attack is the main, I think, also can use.

It is worth noting that both Scepter and Frozen use Limba as the face material, while Hybrid uses Kou. The most important thing is that you can get the most out of your life. The hybrid’s fiber layer is PBO-C on one side and Super PBO-C on the other side, so the direct ball-returning Kou head face material and the rebounding PBO-C fiber are naturally “fast”. In such a situation, it will make people doubt whether the ball holding degree is enough!
Frankly speaking, such a combination for pure arc ball players, really not so compatible. Super PBO-C side, I put on the forehand; PBO-C side, put on the backhand. I feel that the sweet spot of the forehand is more obvious and more biting; the backhand side is not so biting. Because of personal technical style differences, you forehand PBO-C side, backhand with Super PBO-C, is not bad. Overall, this is still not a pure friction baseplate that can be handled very well. This hybrid, overall hard and tough. It is not bad for fast attack. It’s not bad for fast attacking. It’s good for bouncing and attacking. If you really want to play arc, it is recommended to find some rubber with better ball holding. For example, a sticky cover for the forehand would be better.


For average level players, you can try it. The lowest technical threshold in the Amazing series, and the one that can “arc” the most.


First of all, it is made of Limba, which has a fine feel. The fiber is still external, but AL-C, which has a longer holding time than PBO-C, and although the rebound is not as strong as PBO-C, the overall power value of the board is not bad. According to the official statement, the freeze curing process is used to strengthen the ball holding time, which can create stronger spin and higher arc. This board reminds me of the Metzfone Carbon, but with a little more power and a more solid feel.

Compared to the ALC built in Breeze Dragon V, the feel of the Ice Fence is a little fuzzy at small to medium power, but a little stiffer and more comfortable on defense. The overall shape and power amplification is not as strong as Long Wu, but still has good shape and power. The overall stability and stability, pulling and playing are suitable. I should say that the ball is more accessible to the average player, and the ball quality is well balanced with good spin and speed.

Hardcore summary.

Technical threshold: scepter > hybrid > ice

The scepter is the most fierce, but it does require a high level of skill.

The ratio of fast attack and arc circle: hybrid > scepter > ice seal

For players who are mainly arc circle players and have average skills, it is recommended to choose the Ice Fence, which is more secure.

On the whole, these three boards have good ball quality, but choosing the right one for you is also crucial to determine “whether you think it is good to play”.

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