Loki Special Rubbers

Thor (Loki) has had several Arthur series rubbers before this one, such as Arthur Asia, Arthur Europe and Arthur Europe Diamond Edition. The sponges are all black sponges with built-in carbon, which are in the range of cake sponges. Emphasis is placed on strong rebounding power and the least possible energy loss during impact. This time, Arthur China is no longer a black sponge, but a red sponge similar to T05.

Arthur China, in fact, as the name implies, must have the characteristics of “Chinese sticky set”: high viscosity. We see printed on the packaging: special super sticky. Feel the stickiness of Arthur China, it is indeed very strong. But unlike the traditional domestic sticky sleeve hard sponge, Arthur China is not the kind of high-density sponge, but the use of cake sponge, can ensure sufficient internal energy sense. But in order to strengthen the overall support and bottom strength of the cake sponge, Thor has made this sponge “hard”.

“The super-hard cake sponge effectively improves the bottom strength and power ceiling of the rubber, while optimizing the taper of the particles to balance the holding time of the rubber under different power. This is the official introduction of this Arthur China by Raytheon.

In recent years, sticky sets have recaptured everyone’s attention. The combination of sticky rubber surface + cake sponge has become the rubber making solution for many foreign brands. The same is true for the Chinese forehand, which is “hard and sticky”, but Arthur China is using a high hardness and strong internal energy sponge to make a new era of sticky set. Thor Loki’s attainment in cake sponge can be said to be one of the top manufacturers in China.

Sticky rubber surface and cake sponge

The sticky surface of “Special Super Sticky” is similar to that of Wild Breeze. The rubber surface is flat and moist, with a clear grainy feel, which feels like it has been treated with oil. The surface of the rubber is outwardly curved, which means that it has been treated with internal energy before leaving the factory.

The overall foam of the sponge is balanced. Officially, it is high hardness, but it is quite soft and flexible. From the side, it looks like Tenergy’s style.

Performance test

Once in hand, I feel that the feel of this Arthur China is very unique. It is a very comfortable feeling of wrapping the ball, which comes from the sponge with a sense of storage. It is not the relatively hard and tough sponge of the Wild Breeze series. The sponge of Arthur China is more soft to the touch, somewhat like the Blue Fire M1 of Dornic, which is wrapped around the ball. Then the sticky rubber surface holds the ball very well.

This wrapping feeling is very impressive. The control of small balls in the table is therefore delicate. Linearity, no false bounce and high risk. Short swing or long slice are all counted. There is no sponge hard feeling. The sponge has a hard and solid support, while the Arthur China is relatively soft, but after all, it has that hardness in it, so it won’t be fleshy.

Small and medium power, Arthur China elasticity is good, than wild biao out of the ball faster, speed is very good. The feeling of power seems to be transparent and non-transparent. The more force, the more you can feel the pressure of the second jump is very strong. The opponent’s reaction is really enough top. In the process of adding power, also can be added together with the rotation. Overall soft and flexible style, but with a good sense of support.

The more power you put into it, the stiffer it gets, and the more power you put into Arthur China, the more it wraps the ball. So the overall power is a little bit weaker than Wild Biao, but it is easier to hit the speed; at the same time, the spin value and the “top” of the second jump can be easily played.

Because of the super sticky surface, the arc is very stable, and with only one brush of inorganic glue, the internal energy and elasticity are very good, and the speed is better than the domestic sticky set. The overall balance, the power does not stop.

On the whole, Arthur China is quite surprising. It is very easy to increase the rotation, and the more power you put into it, the more you can improve the rotation and bottom power. From the processing of the cake sponge, there are few domestic so good. This cake sticky set is really not bad. The suggestion of matching the board, should be more suitable for the base plate with large deformation, such as the built-in aromatic carbon series.

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