Mid-range Rubber Review

There are a few rubbers that are not bad, close to the top of the range in all aspects, but at the same time comprehensive enough to be distinguished from the “lower-priced” ones. At the same time, they are also affordable (most of them are in the $150-200 range) and are gradually becoming the backbone of the equipment market. In this article, we introduce ten such rubbers for players’ reference and selection.

These 20 mid-range rubbers have been used by many players, which one is the most suitable for you? Please collect
No. 1~5, in no particular order.

  • DHS Hurricane 3 neo provincial

The performance of Red Shuangxi 3 can be said to be familiar, no need to elaborate. For amateur golfers, the proper drop forehand first choice. The organic brush is still a workable approach. If you participate in an official tournament, even if it is an organic product, you can brush it with an inorganic glue base, and then add the expansion oil, there is no problem. The difference is that NEO has a priming layer and the sponge feels warmer.

These 20 mid-range rubbers have been used by many players. Please collect
The NEO 3 is still better for oiling. The purely inorganic brush can still be used, but the elasticity and ball speed is general, unless with a strong elastic base plate, otherwise, it is a little tired of playing. Whether it’s organic or inorganic, the rubber surface is not as sticky as it used to be, which is actually an intention to improve the performance of the ball speed.

  • Butterfly Rozena

From the pure rubbing point of view, this Rose rubber is still different from the Tenergy and Dignics series, and even the high-end German sets. However, the feel of the sponge is similar to that of the Tenergy series. With the brand effect of butterfly, Rozena has a lot of fans as a backglove rubber. As an affordable version of the T series, it is still good to use. The main advantages are good forgiveness and low power requirements, and the 45 degree is a moderate hardness that covers almost all levels of players.

These 20 mid-range rubbers have been used by many players. Please bookmark
They are compatible with external or built-in fiber boards, and are not particularly picky about the base board. It depends on the individual’s adaptation, the friction is too thin and not suitable, or you need more impact.

  • XIOM Vega Series

Vega Vega series even from a worldwide perspective, sales are the forefront. The most familiar to the country should be the red V, silver V and platinum V (Vega China). The Red V should be the first high performance German set to hit the 150 yuan price point. It can pull and play, the small ball control is okay, the rotation is good, the speed is fast enough, it can be said to be a universal backhand. It can be paired with the forehand of a stiff spring baseplate, but the proportion of the backhand is still more.

These 20 mid-range rubbers have been used by many players, which one is the most suitable for you? Please collect
Silver V has a more pronounced bite, and the high hardness of the sponge makes the rubber hard and linear with small to medium power, good control, and good quality after the power pull. There is also a Platinum V (Vega China) at a similar price point, which is a very popular product among sticky jackets. Although the rubber surface is not as sticky as the domestic sticky cover layer, it is still good for underspin, and the continuity of the arc is better. And it doesn’t need to be filled with rubber.

Recently, there is a Vega X (Chinese name: Tian V), which has more elasticity and explosive power, and can be regarded as an upgraded version of Red V.

  • TIHBAR K series

K1 series is the best seller of sticky jacket in the new era. There are red K1, blue K1, national K1 and K1 Collector’s Edition. Red K1 hardness is relatively low, generally recommended for backhand use, the power is not very big, but the elasticity will be slightly better than the wild breeze 3-50 such. The Blue K1 is more solid than the Red K1, with slightly higher hardness and better forehand, while the K1 Collector’s Edition is slightly stronger than the Blue K1 in terms of sponge throughput and ball quality, and can be considered as a true Blue K1 upgrade.

These 20 mid-range rubbers have been used by many players. Please collect
The K1 is a tougher sponge, and the power threshold should be the highest among these. Personally, I think it is better for amateur players to use K1 with expansion oil or energizer (such as thunder oil). Otherwise, it’s just a semi-introduction of the downward spinning ball more stable, not fast enough. It is not as good as the K1 Collector’s Edition.

The K1 is a cake sponge, but the K2 is a high-density sponge, which is more rigid in feel, and there is no problem with soft boards.

  • DONIC F series

As a classic high-density rubber of the generation, F1 has many fans until today. The F1 can be used for both forehand and backhand, but if you want better spin, you can consider the less hard F2 for the backhand. The sponge is harder and more powerful for hitting.

There is also an F1 Plus with a large air hole sponge, which improves the spin value a lot, and the speed value is not as good as F1, but it is still good. The only drawback is the weight. The cross-board backhand is fine, but the straightboard maybe a little heavier.

6th to 10th, in no particular order.

  • JOOLA Sharp Charge

Minshun, or Minchun for short, was once regarded as one of the amateur god glues. It is very soft, very light and very transparent. It is a very good choice for straight shooting and horizontal play. It has a fine touch and a good feel for wrapping the ball, so it can easily start the downward spin and has a fast bounce. Although power is not a strong point, but the combination of speed and spin is good.

In the same class and price range, there is also the fast car punch, commonly known as fast punch. If you think Minchong is too soft, you can consider Fast Charge. The ball holding and speed performance is not bad, the sponge is harder and more solid. There are also many fast arc players who use Fast Charge as their forehand.


The DNA series is the first German set from Stika, and the DNA Pro M is more suitable for backhand use. The DNA Pro M is more suitable for backhand use. It is characterized by deep ball eating, good penetration and loud sound. The sponge with large air holes and sparse particle arrangement is used, and the ESC technology used improves the ejection angle and makes the stroke more stable. The DNA Pro H is a higher hardness sponge, which is more for forehand use.

These 20 mid-range rubbers have been used by many players. Please bookmark
The Fan series rubbers are faster than the DNA and have slightly better power, but not as deep as the DNA, and the overall performance is more balanced.

  • YASAKA Fei Long

Fei Long is the more famous product of Asaka since this year. We saw He Zhuojia’s forehand in the Olympic simulation and the National Championships, and he used Fei Long. Although it is an astringent rubber, it has enough bite, and it looks a bit like the Fei Long 3 after the power is injected. It can be said that the success of Fei Long is because of its light weight (43-44g on the horizontal side) and the feeling of spraying. So it’s not a problem to use Fei Long on the backhand. Recently Asaka has been working on new products to improve the stickiness of the rubber.

These 20 mid-range rubbers have been used by many players. Please collect them!
There is also a Thunder Dragon in the same series. It has a stiffer feel than Fei Long and a thicker hitting power. The explosive power is not as strong as Fei Long, but the friction is good, the overall stability and stability, more faithful linearity, the price is also lower than Fei Long tens of dollars.

  • Victas VJ>07

These 20 mid-range rubbers have been used by many players, which one is the most suitable for you? Please collect
The VJ>07 series has three hardnesses: limber, regular, and stiff. The first two are high-density sponge, and the Stiff is a small hole cake. Both are day sets. Stiff is better than limber and regular in terms of spin performance. If you want a lighter feel, such as a straight backhand, consider limber, which is a lighter set with better ball quality.

V>03 is the most recent Victas set to debut. Nowadays, many German sets use cake sponge, but 03 is a classic high-density sponge. The speed is naturally very fast, but the sponge with “high-performance tension” is said to have a good wrap and spin performance.

  • 729 Source Power

Mountain Grove and Source Force are 729 internal energy-free, lightweight day sets. So it has a good feel for the ball, is lighter weight, and overall style is light and easy to use. You can use four words to describe the source of power, that is: soft and transparent live turn. It is not too heavy but has good speed and spin. Although it is a pure astringent rubber, it holds the ball very well.

These 20 mid-range rubbers have been used by many players. Please collect
Source Force is a large foam cake sponge, while Mountain Forest is closer to a high-density sponge. The bottom skin is thin and the particles are tower-shaped, mainly relying on the sponge to provide more support, and is speed-oriented.

In addition to the above-mentioned rubbers, there are some others that we should pay attention to.
ANDO’s Rasant Turbo is one of the “old school” rubbers. It is also a cake sponge, more suitable for forehand use. It feels a little hard under small power, but the power is very heavy after power.

Gingko’s Kokomugi 3 has been floating overseas. The pulling feeling of the rubber surface friction is not as obvious as Wild Breeze 3, but the speed value and power feeling are quite fierce. It has a more transparent feel than some domestic sticky sets, and some players have fallen in love with it.

The second generation of the national standard target of 3D is different from the first generation, the sponge is much harder and more solid. It is a sticky cover rubber layer added to the original astringent rubber. It is the palm of the All England Men’s Singles Champion. The sponge is a medium-hole cake sponge with short and thick grains, and the style is summed up in three words: hard and sticky.

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