Olympic men’s singles top 16 equipment configuration analysis

On the 24th of this month, the Tokyo Olympic Games table tennis project will be fiercely contested. The battle is imminent, let’s run through the weapons in the hands of the top 16 seeds of the men’s singles to see what kind of equipment can reign in the Olympic field.

Olympic men’s singles top 16 equipment configuration analysis
We sorted according to the latest issue of the Olympic rankings.

1, Fan Zhendong: VIS / VPS, NEO Hurricane 3 international blue sponge, Dignics 05

In the first part of the Olympic simulation, fatty used the gold standard Viscaria. yesterday’s Olympic warm-up, and back to the original Stika diamond five. I’m sure it’s because the big game is coming up, so I’m using a familiar board to feel confident. After all, the Olympic Games is the first competition is the psychological quality of this piece. At the moment, I can say that I am switching between Vis and VPS to adjust my feel.

We are familiar with the NEO Blue Sponge National Wild in the forehand. The national players and the Japanese and Korean national teams have many players who have been “enlisted”. On the backhand, Dignics 05 tends to replace Tenergy 05. Although T05 has a better sense of wrapping the ball, amateur players with easier, but D05 is after all sharper, topspin holding more oppressive sense.

2, Ma Long: W968, NEO Hurricane 3 international blue sponge, NEO Hurricane 3 international orange sponge

Now both the men’s and women’s teams have fans of “two-sided madness”. For example, Ma Long and Sun Yingsha are both blue country mad on their forehand and orange country mad on their backhand, and both are Biao 3. Wang Chuqin and Chen Meng are both blue country on their forehand and Biao 8 on their backhand.

I have to say, “two-sided crazy” technical change in the national team has become the wind.

3, Harimoto Tomokazu: Harimoto Tomokazu Innerforce ALC, Dignics 05, Dignics 05

Olympic men’s singles top 16 equipment configuration analysis
Harimoto Tomokazu ALC is a built-in aromatic carbon board, so it looks a bit meaty and deep when pulling the ball, but it has the taste of external aromatic carbon when rebounding with force, and the speed is not bad. It’s a base plate designed for near-midrange. The rounding of the head and the enlargement of the board surface to 158*152mm are designed to increase the defensive area.

The D05 is not only good for the backhand but also quite powerful in the forehand position. The speed of anti-pull and anti-belt pressure and stability is really good.

4, Hugo: Jiao Mang Hugo HAL, Omega 7 Tour, Omega 7 Tour

Compared to the recent new 36.5 ALX, this Hugo HAL is actually the “control first” balanced style, good feel, strong ball holding, continuity is also good. But the speed, Hugo HAL or faster.

Hugo also used Omega 7 Pro before, obviously, Tour is a higher hardness existence. In the plastic ball era, the trend is to stiffen the board and increase the elasticity of the rubber.

5,Lin Yunru: Super Lin Yunru, Tenergy 05 Hard, Dignics 05

Super Lin Yunru is a bit like a lighter version of Super Zhang Jike. The general weight is lighter. The backhand is more ballistic and more stable. The forehand is not as heavy as the Super Zhang Jike, but the top rate is quite good.

The T05 Hard forehand can be said to be the most brutal jacket at the moment. The power is simply “lightning and fire”. The bottom strength will be better than the D05. But it is indeed hard, general amateur golfers are not easy to hold.

6, Falke: Falke carbon, Rakza X, Rakza PO

Olympic men’s top 16 equipment configuration analysis
Yassaka Falke carbon is similar to the W968 built-in aromatic carbon structure. It is made of Germany’s own fiber. The amplified sense of power is outstanding. It is said that the Farke on the field, surprisingly, is used to switch between Farke seven-clamp pure wood and Farke carbon depending on the size of the field and personal state.

Rakza PO is a brutally powerful positive rubber, and Rakza X is both biting and powerful. We have seen many national and provincial players use it on their backhand in the Ping Super League in the first two years.

7、Ochalov: Ochalov Innerforce ALC, Dignics 09c, Dignics 05

On the first day of this month, Ocharov’s built-in ALC was just released. 158*152mm board surface and 6.2mm thicker body play an important role in defense and topspin holding.

The D09c has been used by many national players since its inception. For example, Lin Gaoyuan’s backhand, Ocharov’s forehand, and Ball’s forehand and backhand. Frankly speaking, the D09c with some sticky ball quality and speed is not as heavy and spray as D05, but it is obviously more stable and easy to start the ball with small power.

8、Timo Boll: Primorac carbon, Dignics 09c, Dignics 09c

There is a variable here: Ball in the Olympics will use the general carbon or the original own Ball ALC it? Pou Carbon was used from April onwards, in the German club league and the European Championships. He won the men’s singles title again at the European Championships. So this might give him a little psychological bonus. Compared to the thinner Ball ALC, the spin of the carbon is still not as good, but the carbon is bouncy enough, fast enough, and has a different second jump. Perhaps, it is these “new” things that will make the opponent not adapt to it.

9, Zhang Yuzhen: W968, NEO blue national crazy, V>15 Extra

The W968 is extraordinary and really complements Zhang Yuzhen’s ferocious forehand. Also exported is the NEO Blue National Wild, which is really a superior instrument that combines spin and bottom power in the forehand position.

V>15 Extra is Victas’s house rubber, but it is very different from Butterfly’s flagship Tenergy and Dignics. The rubber surface is more astringent, the spin is not obvious under small power, but the stability and speed of defense and bounce are quite good. Also, the spin is good when you eat the ball deeper. This rubber is also very good for a defensive counterattack.

10、Zheng Rongsik: Ice Cream AZX, NEO Blue Country Crazy, Omega 7 Pro

The ZLC side is tougher and more elastic than the ALC side, and the yellow ALC side is softer. The ice cream heterogeneous base plate has a lot of praise in terms of technology and practical performance.

The backhand, Jung Yong-Sik has been using Omega 7 Pro, but I haven’t seen him recently, so I don’t know if he’s likely to switch to Tour or Hyper, but this Omega 7 series rubber has a great bite, and the harder it is, the crisper it is.

11, Pitchford: Pitchford signature board, V>15 Extra, V>15 Extra

Olympic men’s top 16 equipment configuration analysis
The ZX-Gear Out used by Pitchford was once sold very well in the market. Later on, he changed to the Pitchford signature board with charcoal-fired force material. This signature board can be said to further speed up. The charcoal-fired force material is also more robust in defense (such as carrying the opponent’s big board attack).

12, Tanba Takashi: Tanba Takashi Pure Wood, V>15 Extra, Triple Double Extra

In fact, Tanba Takashi’s quartet AFC has more fans. For example, Victas newly signed Gu Yuting, is the use of Tanba Takashi carbon. However, Mr. Mudwa himself still prefers the pure wood feel. This piece of pure wood seven clip, medium power under the elasticity will be better than CL, more out of the ball. Although the absolute bottom strength is not particularly large, the feel is clear and transparent, the performance is quite stable.

The top 16 Olympic men’s singles equipment configuration analysis
Triple series is the new sticky set of Victas in the New Year, produced in China, Double Extra is the highest hardness. To be honest, this Triple Double Extra (TD for short) is not something that amateur players can hold on the backhand. However, it is very good for forehand use. It has the feel of an internal energy version of Blue Sponge. The rotation is not as good, but the speed is faster.

13、Huang Zhending: Zhang Jike ALC, Dignics 09c, Dignics 09c

Zhang Jike ALC is a softer version of Viscaria, the core is not Vis hard and solid, but the arc sense is better, hold the ball well. So like the national player Zhao Zihao, such a straight shot horizontal play is very bull before also used.

We have talked about D09c in the previous paragraphs. The combination of a sticky rubber surface and high elasticity sponge can be said to be as stable as the old dog.

14、Simon: Coates SL OFF, Rasanter R53, Rasanter R53

The SL OFF with ebony surface material is very ball-eating. The overall feel of the hand is not hard at all. Before you start playing, you may mistakenly think that this is a more violent baseboard. In fact, it is a pure wood seven clips that can add spin and control performance as you like.

The R53 has a very good feel for wrapping the ball. The R53 has a very good feel for the ball. The second jump is also a bit bizarre.

15, Aruna: Jevo Aruna OFF, Storm 53, Storm 53

Aruna OFF is still the player himself like the hinoki face material. The overall talk is not much violence, but very solid.

The sponge of the Storm 53 reminds me of the high-quality German set 1Q. The explosive power of this sponge is very good, while the pointing of the rubber is more accurate. And the bite of the ball is not bad.

16、Freitas: Freitas ALC, Tenergy 05, Tenergy 05

The structure of Freitas ALC is different from the classic Viscaria; Vis is a ko-head face, Freitas is a lymph face. The Vis is a kurtosis, and the Freitas is lymphatic. The kurtosis is brittle and has a fast bounce; the lymphatic is softer and has better ball handling.

You can see that violence is not the first choice in Freitas’ winning philosophy. The combination of the two sides of Tenergy 05 is not common among the international players nowadays, and strong ball wrapping and stability are what he is looking for.

Are you excited to see the ping of this former No. 16 men’s singles seed? Guess, which configuration will shine in the Olympics?

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