13 Recommended Cheap Rubbers

Considering the global economic crunch this year, it seems necessary to feel your pockets and examine which rubbers are low-cost and high-powered. Even if your pockets are full, the majority of these rubbers are perfect for beginners and advanced players.

In this article, we recommend the most affordable forehand and backhand rubbers for the benefit of golfers.

For the forehand rubber.

  • Breeze 3

The Breeze 3 was once a monopoly on the forehand of domestic golfers, with a reported 95% share. In the past two years, with the influence of the sticky jacket and the rise of some new domestic sticky sets, the share of Biao Biao 3 has slightly decreased, but it is still the No.1 in the market. the sticky cover rubber layer can create strong rotation, sensitive to glue and bottom oil of the shipping sea sponge, after the power of the second jump and bottom strength, all make the Biao Biao series rubber become the favorite of national players and many national people.

When it comes to the “affordable” Biao Biao 3, it must be the most familiar organic Pu Biao. Compared to the more flexible provincial and national madness, the Pou Biao is more durable (of course, the low price also makes it possible to replace it more often). Although we have entered the inorganic era, most amateur players in China still use organic glue. With the glue, the Wild Breeze 3 has everything: spin, speed and power. As long as you can brush the glue without any trouble, then the PuroBiao is always a powerful choice.

  • Tianji 2

In a sense, Tianji 2 is a variant of Biao 3. The shorter and thicker grain is more precise in on-deck control. The spin value and the quality of veneer after the power is more powerful. It’s just that when comparing with Brio 3, Tianji 2 has to take a little bit of “hidden power”, not as easy as Brio 3. But it is still a pretty good choice, especially for straight board players, stronger small ball control and spin quality, and thicker push block, are the strong points of Tianji 2.

However, the reason why the sales of Tianji 2 is not as good as Biao 3 is partly because it is a latecomer, and partly because there are not many national players who use it, such as Xu Xin. After being added the “straight board” seal, it received less attention. In fact, crossboard players who emphasize the front three boards are still fierce with it.

  • Provincial team version of Orange Sponge Pentium II

The Pentium series produced by 729 in the past two years has gained a lot of amateur fans. One of the low-priced provincial team version of the orange sponge Pentium II (hereinafter referred to as the orange Ben) but the price of more than a hundred. It is very close to Breeze 3 in feel, and its “less work” feature makes it free of irrigation. It is not easy to open the rubber and blister, and the quality control is more stable.

From the performance comparison, the rubber surface of Breeze 3 has a slightly stronger pull than Orange Run, so the rotation value and stability are stronger when thin friction. However, Orange is a sticky rubber, and the quality of rotation is not bad. In terms of speed and elasticity, it is better. It is also more threatening in terms of pushing gears.

  • 729-08 Power Speed ES

As one of the pioneers of viscous counter-rubbers in the inorganic era, the 729-08 series has been used by many national players since its introduction and has achieved excellent results, such as Hao Shuai, Guo Yan and Wen Jia. The characteristics of this series are that the sponge is soft, transparent, and glue-independent, and it has good elasticity and ball speed at small to medium power. Overall, although the absolute power is not as impressive as the Wild Breeze series, it is highly forgiving and stable, and even with inorganic glue, it can still have a good arc quality.

For amateurs, sometimes being on the stage is the king. The new “ES” technology 729-08 Power Speed ES provincial set is also further enhanced in the sense of power, for the general arc fast play, can be competent.

  • Flash MAX

Among these positive glove rubbers, Flash MAX is one of the few astringent rubbers. Although the rubber surface is astringent, the feel of the ball is not bad. After the upgrade, there are two adjustments to Flash MAX. One is that the sponge thickness has been increased from 2.1mm to 2.15mm, which makes the sponge feel deeper and more shapely, so even if you back off the table, the bottom strength is still extraordinary. The other is that the hardness is increased to a higher 46 degrees, which makes it more powerful to hit.

The Japanese sponge with large pore size foam is used, and the flash MAX has achieved a good unity in terms of ball wrapping and power storage performance. For those who are looking for an affordable alternative to the German set, Flash MAX is worth considering. It can be used on harder baseboards, such as external aramid carbon and three wood and two carbon boards.

  • Hokuto 2

Yinhe’s Beidou and Jupiter series rubbers have gone out of the country, and both the National Beidou and National Wood are used by national players. Beidou 2 is still an organic product, still need to brush glue or oiling. The price is slightly lower than that of Brio 3. The characteristics of the rubber surface with a new formula, the life will be more durable, after using a period of time, the rubber surface is still very new, unlike many sticky sets. The stickiness is long lasting, and the ball does not go away under small power, but the sponge is more permeable, and the speed of the near table is not bad after power.

The pulling feeling of the rubber surface is not as obvious as that of Breeze 3, but the pulling is not a problem. The sponge is not as tough as Breeze 3, so you have to put more force on the top. But in the near table, it is easy to drive, and the power requirement is low.

  • Blue target

The blue provincial target of 3D and the second generation of national standard target are excellent in sales. This Blue Provincial Target has the feature of no filling, sponge elasticity and ball speed are better than Pu Biao 3. In the case of non-filled rubber, Biao Biao 3 is still a little bit of a power eater, not out of the ball, while the blue provincial target is also out of the ball and transparent.

The rubber surface is moist and the particles are visible, the particles are relatively short, but the rubber surface is thick. On the control of small balls on the table, the Blue Biao 3 is not as clear as the Wild Biao 3. However, it has a good sense of speed and continuity under medium power, and good spin, which is suitable for multi-board players. The performance with the hard board is more prominent and seems more solid and counted.

  • CJ8000 blue sponge with provincial set

CJ8000 has always been the “magic rubber” in the eyes of amateur players. Although this rubber is not the absolute top performance, but the recognition based on the cheap price. However, the CJ8000 is really extraordinary, with an extraordinary reputation and amazing sales. The feel is good, and it is particularly easy to navigate, there is no power threshold.

The blue sponge of the provincial set CJ8000 is a little different from the regular CJ8000, using the cake sponge. It’s an absolutely inorganic, non-filled product. In addition to the usual CJ8000 rubber holding feeling, this blue sponge also has sufficient storage power, and enough depth to eat the ball. The sponge is good at controlling and spinning with small power, and the shape of the sponge is good after the force is applied.

  • Blue Sky God

Some time ago, Shiodome’s Tensin was used by some professional players to replace the imported shibori set. The moderate size and spacing of the grains create a soft feel and control. The semi-sticky and semi-acerbic rubber surface provides a balance between spin and speed. The blue sponge of Tenjin is a bit different, with the new T-8 blue sponge, different from the original gold sponge. It is a high elasticity internal energy cake sponge. The rubber surface adopts the design of high tension double cover rubber.

The sponge has a warm feeling, similar to the Japanese cake, unlike the tightness of the German set. Overall, it is soft and flexible. The semi-sticky rubber surface makes it easy to hang up the ball. It has a good sense of speed with medium power and a strong ability to control the arc. It is a good all-around rubber for players with average skills.

For the backhand rubber.

  • NEO 37 Soft

The 37 soft series of Biao 3 rubbers is a new ace of backhand rubbers created by Red Double Happiness, pointing to the backhand sticky set market. Compared with the general Biao 3, the sponge of 37 degree soft seems to be more elastic, more permeable and more active. Although compared with Biao Biao 3-50 and Tianji 3-60, it is not as flexible as these two. But light, cross board surface weight of about 41g, straight shot cross play can also be competent.

When I press the sponge, I feel that 37 degree is really soft, but here it is a bit tough. I feel that the support is still enough after the launch. No wonder Marlon also uses 37 degrees. Although the borrowing speed is not as fast as the astringent jacket, but it is a trade-off with better control and rotation value to make up for it. This is a trade-off. It is more effective when paired with a flexible, shape-changing baseboard.

The cake sponge of Rui Long San is quite attractive.

  • Rui Long III

This Rui Long III from Loki uses a medium-hard cake sponge with a semi-sticky, semi-acerbic rubber surface. The price is low, but the control is excellent, suitable for controlling the arcing type of play. The feel is comfortable and comparable to imported German sets. It has a pre-set primer before leaving the factory, so it can be used inorganically.

When used on the backhand, it has a good balance of ball speed and spin quality. Combined with its price, this type of rubber is hard to beat.

  • Sky Wing

The 729 Sky Wing is really “famous” because there are so many players who have played it. Compared to the Focus series, the characteristics of the Sky Wing are “neutral”. Neutral means moderate flexibility, linear and true feedback feel. For beginners, it’s really quite suitable. Although there is no sense of power amplification, but easy control is an advantage. It’s really good for building up an understanding of spin and developing a feel for the hand.

Another advantage of the Skywing is that it is thin and light. 2.0mm thick, and the weight is perfect for backhand use, so a piece of Skywing is just right for the beginner level of straight cross-court play.

  • Fire Kirin PRO

This PRO is the upgraded version of the original Fire Kirin. The Fire Kirin is the familiar “Little Blue Fire”. Once upon a time, with the nickname of “Little Blue Fire”, it was a best-seller, and the soft and astringent Fire Kirin became the standard backhand in the low-end market.

Now, this upgraded Little Blue Fire is made of more elastic cake sponge, which makes it easier to hit the ball. The medium-soft hardness is also quite suitable in terms of arc control and power penetration. As an affordable choice, it lives up to the reputation of Little Blue Fire.

What we are looking for is not the top. The other meaning of affordable is “fit is good”. These inexpensive forehand and backhand rubbers are not perfect in terms of performance, but for many players, they are good enough.

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