Table Tennis Serve Machineh

Without further ado, I’ll tell you the five models of tee machines that I finally circled.

First, Tide brand

I chose Tide because it is a company with more than 20 years of experience in research and development and production, and it has been able to continue to do so, which means that the product itself is fully competitive.

TIDE V-989H classic table tennis serve machine is recognized by table tennis fans for its advanced design concept and powerful functions.

The 65K color LCD screen and touch control fully reflect the perfect unity of respect and fashion, powerful functions, and simple operation, very humane, is definitely the ideal partner for you to practice, exactly: if you want to have a good hand, find it to practice.

Second, Tide V-989E2 (new upgraded type)

Tide V-989E2 new version of table tennis ball machine, in the original V-989E function based on the increase of self-programming combination of balls, built-in combination of balls, sequential combination of balls, irregular combination of balls a variety of training modes, examination mode, voice prompt function, speed parameters personalized, frequency to the number of balls control and a key initialization and other functions. The classic continues, the new “core” and hair!

Three, Pompeo M-ONE tee robot (tycoon type)

After the cooperation with Red Double Happiness and China Table Tennis Academy, we have no doubt about its actual performance, the only concern is the price, so this tee is located in the tycoon group, rich on, no money to see!

Four, double fish 2050 tee machine

Choose double fish because, double fish brand reputation and overall strength, the cost performance of the tee is a problem, another factor that must be considered is the after-sales service, double fish stores across the country, which is the guarantee of its after-sales service!

Five, double fish 1040 tee machine

Choose 1040 this model, no other reason, is cheap, the basic functions can meet, relatively easier to get started. At the same time as a table machine, the overall installation and disassembly more convenient.

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