Table Tennis Star Equipment Matching

This year’s FIVB finals are exciting, and under the sword and shade, they also show the diversity of players’ equipment configurations. And from the equipment matching of the stars to their technical and tactical styles, there may be some revelation in the underworld!

Jeoung young sik

For men’s singles

  • Ma Long:W968,hurricane 3 blue sponge national,hurricane 3 orange sponge national
    As the representative of two-sided hurricane rubbers, Ma Long can be said to have interpreted the performance of “Hurricane 3” to the extreme. The final was the same as the past World Cup, which was a duel between Ma Long and Fan Zhendong.The two-sided hurricane rubbers have added to Ma Long’s control and spin ability, and a wave of “two-sided hurricane rubbers” is now popular in the international Ping Pong world. The popular wind.If we observe different batches of the official version of W968, we will also find that the new one is more crisp and solid than the old one, and the backhand position is sharper. This is originally a forehand sharp arc board, but in the era of plastic ball, it is also especially important to strengthen the sense of speed and support in the backhand position, so we also see the continuous upgrading and adjustment of the W968 by Red Double Happiness.
  • Fan Zhendong: DHS viscaria , hurricane 3 blue sponge national
  • Xu Xin: Xu Xin blue label, tian ji 2 blue sponge national, hurricane 3 orange sponge national
    Xu Xin is now also considered a representative of “two-sided hurricane rubbers”. The backhand is 37.5 degrees orange sponge national wild 3, the forehand is not Hurricane, but also considered a derivative of the Hurricane series. Compared with Hurricane 3, Tianji 2 has shorter and thicker particles, and the absolute killing power of the single board is stronger, and the control and ball eating of small balls in the table will be better. Therefore, it has become the favorite of many straight board players.For amateur players, Hurricane 3 is more effortless and lighter, while Tianji 2 has more spin and more power on the veneer, but also requires more power and a bit of “hidden power”.
  • Jang Woojin: W968, Hurricane 3 blue sponge national, V>15 Extra
  • V>15 Extra is the new concept of cake sponge in the plastic ball era. There are many cake sponge rubbers that emphasize the finesse of the ball and make it easy to create strong spin. This rubber is the first to introduce the concept of “no fear of spin”. In practice, the rubber is insensitive to spin, easy to defend and fast to hit. It is a high speed rubber for attacking and defending. Although the rubber does not eat much spin, it can still produce good spin if the ball is eaten deep.
  • Lin Yun-Ju: Super Zhang Jike (also rumored to be the unlisted Lin Yun-Ju ZLC), Dignics 05
  • Lin Gao Yuan: Lin Gao Yuan ALC, hurricane 3 blue sponge national, Dignics 09cButterfly’s classic 5+2 structure of “Kou head face material, external ALC, tung wood core” has grown into a huge tree. It looks the same, but the feel is very different. The Lin Gao Yuan ALC is more agile and flexible than the Viscaria under medium power, with a slight vibration and a stronger feel for the ball. For players who need a board with better ball holding and arcing ability, the Lingaoyuan ALC is a more approachable choice than the Vis. Although the absolute bottom strength is not as high as Vis, the forgiveness is higher and the defense is better.
  • Falco: Falco Carbon, Rakza X, Rakza PO. The Rakza Power series has been known for a long time, and many national players used Rakza X as their backhand in the Ping Super League in the past years, and the excellent bite is one of the hallmarks of the series.
  • Hugo: Hugo HAL, Omega 7 Asia, Omega 7 Pro/Vega X
  • Jeoung young sik: Ice Cream AZX, Omega 7 Asia, Omega 7 Pro/Vega X. Previously, both of these proud spokespersons preferred to use the Omega 7 Pro (Omega 7 Pro) as a backhand. This series is also loved for its outstanding rubber bite and precise directionality. For the finals, according to the officials, the backhand was made with the special Vega X (also known as Vega X). The Sky V is the newest creation of Jiao Mang this year and can be considered as an upgraded version of the Red V and Silver V.The Omega 7 Asia is stiffer than the Pro and is more suitable for forehand use, while the Pro is suitable for both forehand and backhand.The base plate, Hugo HAL is 5+2 structure, the transition is smooth and natural, not abrupt. This is in line with the stability and forgiveness that Hugo has always pursued. It is convenient for him to “unrestrainedly” power.
  • NIWA KOKI: Victas NIWA KOKI Pure Wood, V>15 Extra.
  • Pitcheford: Victas Pitcheford, V>15 Extra. Both Victas spokespersons use their own namesake baseboards. This piece of Victas Pitchford, based on the ZX-Gear Out which was once sold out in the market, has charcoal burned the force material. So it is better in defensive stability (carrying the big board) and faster in the first speed of the near table. And speed, all along, is the first hitting element that Pitch pursues.
  • Simon Gauzy: Gauzy SL OFF, Rasanter R53.The Gauzy SL OFF with seven clips of ebony does not look tyrannical, but rather is quite a ball-eating existence. The feel is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, the ebony surface is good for hitting high speed, but the overall shape of the sole is good and the ball eating feeling is excellent. It is suitable for playing with feel and pattern. It is not very powerful, but it has a good balance of spin and speed, and it has full control and high forgiveness.
  • Dimitrij Ovtcharov: Butterfly Special Note Inn ALC, Dignics 09c, Dignics 05.With this built-in aromatic carbon board from Ocharov, it’s safe to say we’re eagerly awaiting it. And the D09c, as Butterfly’s flagship sticky set, has taken the pros by storm. It has a fine hold, good directionality and arc adjustment with little power. Although the power is not strong, but the rotation is good, and the speed is fast. Together with D05, it is the flagship rubber of Butterfly in the new ball era.
  • Quadri Aruna: Jetwo Aruna (Aruna Hinoki Carbon Off), Storm EL 53 Hard, Storm EL 43
  • Franziska: Apollonia ZLC, Tenergy 05, Dignics 05
  • Tomokazu Harimoto: Tomokazu Harimoto ALC, Dignics 05, Tenergy 05

Women’s side

  • Chen Meng: Viscaria, hurricane 3 blue sponge national, hurricane 8. The Hurricane series of low-degree rubbers has become one of the standards for national backhands, and whether Hurricane 8 will come out with a low-degree version for the market is what we enthusiasts are looking forward to. At present, there is a star national set, but there is no market version yet.It is only the Hurricane3 series with 37 degree softness. In comparison, Hurricane8 will be faster out of the ball.
  • Sun Yingsha: carbon 45, hurricane 3 blue sponge national, hurricane 3 orange sponge national. The representative of “two-sided hurricane rubbers” for women. The Carbon 45 has become a god board, both in the professional field and among amateur players. It has a pure wood feel, a high balance of speed and spin, and a good ball-eating performance and arcing ability. Although the bottom strength is naturally not as strong as the tough Xu Xin blue standard, but the multi-board holding, attack and defense conversion are quite stable. The power threshold is also low.
  • Itō Mima: Ito Misaki carbon, G-1, Moristo SP. The full set of Nittaku equipment can be said to complement Ito’s own close table high-speed play. External carbon of Ito Mitsuru carbon is an upgraded version of the carbon guitar, G-1 is suitable for high-speed shooting, Moristo SP as a side of raw rubber, sinking performance is obvious, and now also has a large number of fans in China.
  • Mangyu Wang: gold standard Viscaria, hurricane 3 blue sponge national, hurricane 3 orange sponge national
  • Wang Yidi: W968, hurricane 3 blue sponge national, hurricane 3 orange sponge national
  • Zheng Yijing: Special Note Viscaria, Dignics 05, Tenergy 05 Hard. Although Dignics is the newer flagship rubber, the T05 Hard is really different. It has an amazing hold and very powerful veneer killing power, so it can be considered the best of the jackets. The sponge is tougher than the T05, with a crisp feel and a step up in speed and power.
    Tian Zhihi: Gold Label Viscaria, hurricane 3 blue sponge national, Hurricane 3 red sponge special
  • Ishikawa Kasumi: Viscaria, hurricane 3 blue sponge national, Dignics 05

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