The most cost-effective equipment

With only $70 in your pocket, it is a question and learning curve to choose and match the right set of equipment for you. We have roughly divided the popular types of play into straight single-sided pull attack, straight two-sided arc circle, cross-board fast arc, cross-board arc fast. Look at the corresponding equipment, how the whole can be for the benefit of golfers.

  1. Straight single-sided pull attack
    This is a very traditional way of playing. Until today, there are still many amateurs who play straight single-sided left pushing and right attacking (left pushing and right pulling). For them, the rubber on the back is just for decoration or to strengthen the overall support. They hardly use it in practice. Some of them put on granular rubber and deal with it occasionally; some simply don’t even put it on.

Butterfly Shamada + Breeze 3 / Vega China

Shimada, the board, was originally built for the fast attack style of play. It can be said to be one of the early butterfly baseboards available in China. The thickness is about 7.5mm, although it is a pure wood base plate, the support is enough. With the hard sponge of the Puyi 3, there is ball holding, but also hardness. You can stick a 729 Sky Wing on the back to match the weight, or you can switch to a granular rubber, such as 729 raw rubber 563, or long rubber Dawei 388D-1.

If you don’t want to stick the backside, you can upgrade your forehand to a Saver 3 with a budget of 500 RMB, and Vega China is a no-pour option. The sponge is more crisp and crisp, and the feel is more transparent.

Galaxy V-15+BeiDou2/Racer Turbo

Can be a whole set of Galaxy equipment. Of course, depending on personal needs, rubber for the above Puyi Mad 3 + Skywing is also possible. Beidou 2 is not as hard and tough as Breeze 3, relatively transparent, but the power and speed of the near table is still good.

The structure of the V-15 straight board is the same as Butterfly Tekesim, with a thickness of 7.0mm, and it is quite powerful in pushing and hitting. The board is still quite stiff, and players who are used to the speed of the astringent jacket can also use the Ulla Express instead of the Beidou 2. The cost performance of the Express is actually outstanding, and the performance is not outdated, so it is suitable for both pulling and playing.

The Razorback Turbo is a heavier side of the jacket for ball quality. Small power under the not false bomb, more linear, stable; after the power on the fierce a lot. As a fast attack, it is also quite powerful.

Three-dimensional white uniform + blue provincial target/gold tango Power Sponge

The white uniform is also known as “ten kinds of wood and nine carbon”. We can imagine that this is a high-sounding, relatively stiff board. It is quite smooth to hit. The flexibility of the board itself is average, but the fast attack has a low arc, a fast speed, and good control.

With the high viscosity, good permeability of the blue provincial target, in the control will be improved. The two complement each other well.

Yura’s Gold Tango Power Sponge has a tough sponge and a strong overall dynamic. The overall killing power will be very good when combined with the white uniform.

  1. Straight board two-sided arc circle
    Nowadays, there are many amateur players who use straight boards to play cross-court. The most advanced players are actually using high quality equipment, and it is rare to find a combination under 500 RMB. However, we still briefly recommend a few sets.

Butterfly Primorac pure wood + wild breeze 3 / hybrid blue K1 + focus I

The thickness of 5.5 mm of wood, pure wood five clips, with two sides of the hard sticky sleeve, or more reasonable. Because the board is thin, the ball-holding feeling is very good. The arc feeling of Breeze 3, Blue K1, and Focus I is also very strong. But this match still needs a lot of physical output. You can also consider it as a combination of practice boards. Overall, from the board to the rubber, it is good continuity.

Breeze 301+Tianji 2+Tianye

The special version of Biao 301 belongs to the national level use. But the market version is still very powerful. Fully in line with the new plastic ball era straight board two-sided arc circle claims. The Kou head surface material is crisp and cool, and the built-in yellow carbon has storage power and bottom strength, and the forehand and backhand feel great. The forehand is paired with Tianji 2 to further strengthen the arc and power of the ball. The Sky Wing is moderate, not much highlight, just good control.

Stika OC CR + Breeze 3 + Hybrid Red K1

OC CR is a thin five wood, but its own sense of deformation is sufficient, elasticity is outstanding. It is not as hard to play as you think. No problem with two sticky sets. The backhand is a large hole foam sponge with good elasticity so that the backhand ball and permeability are possible. And the ability to create arc and spin on the forehand and backhand will be quite good. Suitable for both sides of the straight board arc circle.

  1. Fast attack combined with arc circle on horizontal board
    The so-called fast arc is fast first, emphasizing the near table speed. Of course, nowadays, the threshold between fast arc and arc fast is very blurred. We just generally emphasize the rigidity of the base plate and the speed required for fast arc play.

Yinhe PRO-01+Radiant 3/Yasaka Fei Long+729-2

This piece of Zhu Yi endorsement of the professional No. 1, is the classic external aromatic carbon structure. The style can be said to be more ball-holding and weaker than the Butterfly King Vis. the combination of Kou head surface material, blue carbon, and tung wood core is still quite good in terms of permeability and one-speed performance. The backhand can use the astringent 729-2, which is not bad for a fast attack.

Yassaka’s Fei Long, though astringent, is very explosive like the provincial madness after filling the rubber. Although the friction is not too sensitive under small power, the bottom power and directionality after power is still quite good.

Another recommended baseboard is the Galaxy PRO-13S Elite. On one side, it has a built-in yellow carbon, which is soft to eat the ball and sufficient time to build up power; on the other side, it has an external blue carbon, which is crisp and fast. As a fast arc player, it can also be matched with the above-mentioned rubbers.

Black Gold+Aurus/Blue Storm Z1+AK47 Yellow

Black Gold is one of the best-selling baseboards of Shiodome in the past two years. The overall hair is crisp, the near-table speed is sharp, and the lending defense is very powerful. In addition to the ebony surface, it has a built-in yellow carbon structure with a good ball holding performance. The Aurus, the Blue Storm Z1 from Donik, is an astringent set, but it has a strong sense of bite and can be easily used by players who are used to such sticky sets as Brio 3.

Patrio’s AK47 can be considered as an affordable backhand “god rubber”. It is very crisp, has good speed, is easy to control, no dragging at all.

  1. Crossboard arc combined with fast attack
    This is the mainstream style of play nowadays. In terms of equipment, we can say that there are many choices.

Bofang Carbon X + Biao 3 + Tianbao 5 / Grape 450

Bo Fang carbon X can be regarded as a poor man’s version of the Breeze Dragon 5, the ball quality to reach 80% of the Dragon 5. As one of the best-selling boards with built-in yellow carbon, the overall sense of deformation and balance is quite good. It is a perfect match for Red Double Happiness’ own Brio 3.

The Skybow 5 has a good effect on the backhand of both the Breeze Dragon 5 and Bo Fang Carbon series. The large aperture foam sponge has a transparent feel and good elasticity. Although it is an astringent rubber, the coarse-grained frosted skin has a good feel for the ball.

If you use Grape 450 on the backhand, the main technical composition should be on the hitting and defense sides. Although it feels better than F1, it is still a high-density sponge. The backhand defensive borrowing and the added power in the borrowing are still very outstanding.

Loki Peregrine Falcon + K1 + Speed/Vega X

The Elite Custom’s Peregrine Falcon has a built-in ultra-light carbon construction. The board is excellent in arc creation, and with the hybrid blue K1, it can accomplish stretches of arc. The overall style can be said to be quite stable. With the recent trade-in event, you can get a Peregrine Falcon for a low price.

Flash Speed was recently rated very high. The vitality of the sponge has some tenergy Japanese charm and an excellent feel. You can also consider it as a domestic fierce red V. In the up and down spin, or bounce, have a very high degree of balance.

Vega X, the tenth anniversary of Vega, also known as the “Sky V”. It is considered an upgraded version of the Red V, with improved speed and lethality.

The Swat Power from TSP is the original board used by Takashi Tanba in the World Cup. The seven-layer pure wood has a strong amplification of the bottom power. With the smoked surface, the speed of the ball is very fast and the whole is crisp and solid. The other seven-ply board is the Yokohama Etsu XI from Shiodome, with Limba face + HJ reinforcement + Spruce + Ayus core. The core is thick, but it plays like a very ball-eating five wood. The rotation is very powerful and the arcing ability is very strong. Both of them are relatively versatile, you can refer to the above example.

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