Top 10 Cost-effective Rackets

There are so many baseboards that are not necessarily the hottest, popular, or most expensive of the moment. Instead, they are relatively grounded and popular. At the same time, the right price to capture the hearts of the people is a quality choice. Can be crowned “popular lover” of the name.
In this article, we will list 10 such blades for the benefit of players.

Butterfly Primorac Carbon

Butterfly Primorac Carbon has always had a reputation in amateur circles. On the one hand, the straight single-sided pulling and attacking the audience, and the 3+2 structure of the Prismatic Carbon, destined to the board clean and swift style of play. On the other hand, the board itself has enough support, so there are many particle players using it. In the 40+ new ball era, although the 5+2 structure is better in terms of spin level, the 3+2 structure is still more prominent in terms of first speed and lending performance. Although not many players use it in international tournaments (Zhang An of the U.S. team uses Uranopilis, which is also a 3+2 structure), in the amateur field, the 3+2 structure of the baseplate has distinctive features and is still quite effective in practice.

Although not as famous as the butterfly Taksim and Viscaria, but the carbon is still worthy of the public lover. It is not as rigid as expected, but the soft and flexible hinoki wood surface has a good feeling of eating the ball. Regardless of straight and horizontal, the balance and comprehensiveness of carbon is excellent.

DHS Hurricane Long 5

Viscaria and Dragon 5 were once regarded as the heavenly sword and dragon slayer in the world of ping, both of which are masterpieces of amateur boards; Vis is external blue carbon and Dragon 5 is internal yellow carbon. Dragon 5 can be said to be the new era of arc machines. The Limba surface material is soft and eats the ball, and the fiber has a strong sense of grip after being built-in, while the yellow carbon itself is soft and elastic and good for storage, and then with the large core of Ayos, it can be said that this base plate really has strong explosive power.

Nowadays, the special Wild Hurricane Long 5, W968, has not only become one of the favorites of national players but also has a large number of fans among amateur players. Of course, compared to the high price of W968, the price of Hurricane Long 5 is much more affordable, as the public lover is more suitable.

STIGA Rose 5

Xu Xin’s former motherboard, but also the national women’s team’s popular models. Nowadays, you can still see the Rose 5 in the amateur game. We all say that nowadays is the era of fiberboard, but Rose 5, a pure wood board with hardwood surface, still has a place. The rose face strengthens the first speed and improves the overall rigidity. The inherently transparent feel and strong on-deck control often make it easy to play in the real world.

You will find that there are still a large number of amateur masters using pure wood five clips such as Rose 5, strong pure wood, YEO, especially straight board players. They covet the control and stable feel of pure wood baseboards, as well as the excellent spin-making ability. The high on-table rate is itself one of the keys to beat the opponent.


The CL CR is one of the boards that are truly considered to be a godsend and has accompanied many players to win world championships. It is still the default model in domestic gymnasiums, although it is rarely seen in international tournaments. Chinese coaches still recognize this pure wood seven clip as the first choice for kids’ practice. Price may be one side, but more because of the balanced, stable, faithful, and comprehensive performance.

It can be pulled and played and can be attacked and defended. It is not a problem to stick the backing, and the particles are also not a problem. The speed is very good, the rotation is also okay, the power is very strong. You have a few points of force, you will give you a few points of feedback. It is easy to become a popular lover.

STIGA Red Black Carbon King 7.6

Before using Viscaria, Zhang Jike used to use Red Black Carbon King as his motherboard. This piece is also a classic of STIGA. The combination of seven layers of wood + 6 layers of toner largely maintains the pure wood feel, while strengthening the ball speed and absolute killing power. Although it is a product of the old era, the thickness of the new Red Black Carbon 7.6 is also thinner, further adapting to the demands of this era for a “thin and light” baseboard.

In a time when carbon boards are prevalent, the carbon-armed Red Black Carbon King is not outdated at all. It is still worth a try in terms of directionality, rebound efficiency and threat.

YASAKA Competitor Power

The core philosophy of Asaka’s Competitor series is very “middle of the road”. It is to make the external competitor Speed soft and the internal competitor Power hard. You will feel that this Power is not in fact a soft and poppy style like the structure of Berserker 5. It tries to become more supportive and a little bit more rigid. This is to strengthen the stability of the lending defense and the speed of the ball return. For those who are not used to the soft feel of the built-in carbon, but want to hold the ball a little more, the Competitor Power may be just right.

In the WTT Macau tournament, Ding Ning also used the Competitor Power with an Asaka Fei Long backhand. In a way, Power is a bit like Apollonia ZLC. It emphasizes the ability to maneuver around defensively while maintaining the stability and speed of borrowing power to add strength.

TIHBAR Black Sa Pro

In the 40+ era, the BlackSa still wins the favor of many star players, such as Samsonov and Szoekes. It is a CL-like structure, a little bit crispy, a little bit shocking feeling, but very even, high tolerance. The bat, a professional version without words, is a little more rigid and does not get in the way of fast attacks.

The 6.5mm body provides high support. The front profile design improves the hitting success rate, simply put, the head is rounded and the hitting area is larger. The three layers of almost equal thickness of the Ayous have enough energy to provide a killboard.


Before using the signature version, Pitchford was using the ZX-Gear Out, a combination of Zexion fiber and carbon fiber that creates a feel that is somewhere between ALC and ZLC. There is good bounce, while the board itself eats the ball. Although it is an external fiber, the Rimba face feels good on the ball. Combined with the Ayus core, it can be a touch of power after the launch.

Compared to the Pitchford signature version, the ZX-Gear Out is probably more suitable for most amateur players because the power threshold is lower. The overall feel of the board is very crisp and clear. The absolute power of the board is not necessarily strong. But it seems easy to pull or punch, and the combination of spin and speed is great. The combination of spin and speed is great. It also feels good when pulling and carrying back.

Yinhe Tan Ruiwu Midday Carbon

Unlike the popular 5+2 structure, Noon Carbon is a 7+2 structure. The inner lining is originally three layers of Ayous of similar thickness, but the Noon Carbon places two thin layers of carbon on either side of the large Ayous core. This is generally considered to provide rigidity and support. In fact, the 7-layer structure would have been no shortage of support, not to mention the appropriate thickness of 6.4mm for noon carbon. The author believes that the carbon is built-in and actually optimizes the feel of the hand, and the strike becomes clearer.

As a former national player Tan Rui Wu’s handboard, Wu carbon naturally in the speed of this piece of high demand. The actual use seems to be true, maintaining a high top rate while the speed is very sharp. The backhand seems to be very elastic, no matter it is the defense in the borrowing or the active power popping, it is straightforward and crisp.

SWORD Black Gold

Ebony top sheet + Ayus transition layer + built-in yellow carbon + Ayus core, this structure of Black Gold is one of the best selling baseboards in the past two years. It is very linear in small ball control, not easy to rise high, and the small and medium power can be strengthened by the hard surface to strengthen the sense of pressure on the near table. After the power is released, there is a built-in yellow carbon with strong power accumulation and an Ayus core for injection, so it can be said that the structure is well balanced.

In terms of price, the Black Gold is really outstanding for the money. The performance is a combination of hardwood top material and built-in aromatic carbon, so you can say that the speed, spin, and power are not left behind. It’s true that “power” is the key to a successful board.

These 10 quality choices vary in structure from external to internal to pure wood, from 3+2 to 5+2, but all are balanced in performance and suitable for the public. And which one, again, is your favorite?

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