Top 10 “spring” Blades

If you define a blade as “spring”, the first impression you may have is that the blade has good deformation and a little less control. The definition of “spring” in this article is that the blade is significantly deformed by the force and can bring a surge of power, stronger pressure, and more top of the second jump.

But this “spring” is also divided into soft spring and hard spring. The soft-blade generally has a lower power threshold and is more suitable for amateur use; while the hard-blade may feel hard to the touch, but when the power is played through the blade, the bottom edge still has the essence of spring, providing a higher level of ball quality.


The design blueprint of modern arc blade. The OC (Offensive Classic) is a must-have when it comes to the arc style of play. The thin body of the board and the thick core are designed for better energy storage. Under the force, OC can easily produce the overall deformation, and the player has enough time to eat the ball to rub. It is in this design, OC achieved the “arc machine” reputation.

The famous OC of the small-ball era, the soft bullet, slingshot effect is obvious, once also widely regarded as a dragon slayer. But now in the new plastic ball era, there is a deeper demand for blade rigidity and support, so the OC of pure wood soft five clips is gradually abandoned on the field of play. More and more as a practice board exists. If you want to play with the old spring blade, you need to be more rigid with the rubber. Most of the cake sponge rubbers are a bit hollow, but two-sided hard sticky rubbers (such as Breeze 3, Pentium 2, Beidou) are a good choice.

DHS Hurricane King

Biao Wang is the benchmark of domestic arcing tools. It almost perfectly replicates OC’s big shape and high energy storage, while improving the impact effect. In the early days, OC used Kou head surface material, and later used Limba, while Biao Wang used Kou head all the time. Although it is a pure wood five-clamp, it is the peak of a generation of pure wood, which made Wang Liqin defend his title in the 2005 World Championship.

The second generation of Biao Wang was named after the Biao Wang 655, which can be said that its design was better adapted to the inorganic era. The second generation is thicker than the first generation, mainly in the force material, resulting in the overall thickness from the first generation of 5.6mm to 5.9mm, strengthening the overall rigidity and support. However, it is still a soft bullet style, with a deep and top drop. Even to this day, this spring plate can still be a battle.

Butterfly PHOTINO

The Butterfly PHOTINO is a very strong and powerful board with a 7mm thick body, but with the super ZL fiber, it has a spring-like power. 3 woods and 2 fibers have always had a clean and crisp feel, and it is easy to think that it is only fast and not powerful. But Butterfly’s Butterfly PHOTINO is not weak in terms of energy storage. After the power becomes pop, the arc is significantly longer, and the second jump accelerates quickly.

Although this board is also said to be “soft”, because of the thick board body, the support has actually been much stronger. It is not outdated at all in today’s game.


There is a saying that “black five is not soft, black seven is not hard”, because ebony seven is full of bottom strength, and it is easy to stimulate spring-like deformation and high energy after retreating from the table. The hardwood surface of Ebony is more linear in small ball control and faster in the speed of borrowing power. At the same time, the core is made up of three layers of ayous and two layers of hardwood, the actual throughput feeling is very powerful, and the punch after retreating from the table is quite sharp.

Nowadays, there are very few pure wood boards in the international ping pong world. However, there is still a place for the hardwood seven clips of Stika. For example, this STIGA EBENHOLZ NCT VII is currently the main racket of national player Sun Mingyang. In the amateur field, there are also many amateur masters using them.

DHS W968

In terms of pedigree, Biao Long 5 is the same as Biao Wang. Although it is no longer a pure wood five-clip board like Biao Wang, the Dragon 5 is still a pure wood board with small power, and only when the power reaches a certain level and the energy of the deep fibers and Ayus core is stimulated, you will notice that this is a fiberboard that inherits the style of Biao Wang’s arc springboard and carries it forward.

The built-in aromatic carbon has always been outstanding in catching the ball, and the soft yellow aromatic carbon performs better than the blue aromatic carbon in storing energy. The new era of the Berserk Dragon 5 is the king of the arc circle. The special Breeze Dragon 5 – W968, which is made of better materials and technology, is even better in terms of elasticity and speed. Today, not only the Chinese national team’s male and female national players but also many professional players from other countries are riding on the field with this springboard.

STIGA Xu Xin Blue Label

Xu Xin Blue Standard also has a spring effect, but it puts certain requirements on the player’s power. Under medium power, it is just brainless on the table, with good arc, rotation, and speed. But back to the middle and far table, after sufficient power, the overall deformation out, you will feel that the elasticity than the W968 is not too good. And the toughness and acceleration value of the forehand pulling arc circle can also compete with W968.

The overall permeability and ease of use is not as good as the carbon 45, but the killing power is a step up. Xu Xin’s blue standard bottom power can be said to be the best in the Stica arc board. Such energy, and the board’s overall deformation and spring effect is inseparable.


The MIZUTANI JUN-SUPER ZLC, an external fiberboard armed with Super ZLC, should be described as “hard and elastic”. The speed of release requires the player to swing the forearm fast. Otherwise, the net will fall or go out of bounds. It’s not the overall big shape change of the soft bounce of the Stika OC, but more like a partial “bounce”. As long as you are correct and quick, MIZUTANI JUN-SUPER ZLC will give your opponent a great sense of pressure, and the first and second speeds can be increased very quickly.

However, the MIZUTANI JUN-SUPER ZLC, with its limb face and tung wood core, is hard and bouncy, but it cannot be called “hard”. The finesse of the small ball and the overall ability to create arcs are still very impressive.

TIBHAR Fortino

This is a balanced attack and defense board, which can kill and reduce the force of defense. But there is no lack of slingshot effect. The overall speed of the board is dominant, and the overall energy is released when the board is fully powered. The ball is very fast, punchy and top. The TIBHAR Fortino can be said to have two extremes when it comes to attacking and defending (powering and unpowered). So you should pay attention to press the arc when you launch to avoid going out of bounds.

The more forceful TIBHAR Fortino is, the more elastic it becomes. This is because its inner elasticity is higher than the basic elasticity (surface elasticity). With a thickness of 6.4mm, the support is also excellent and is currently used by many pellet players.

Yinhe Che Xuying

The same structure as W968 (Crazy Dragon 5). The combination of Limba surface material, built-in yellow carbon, and Ayous core, itself is a kind of template for the spring. The built-in yellow aramid carbon has ample accumulation effect, and the African-made Ayus jet feeling is very obvious. Compared to W968, Che Suyoung is slightly less surging in the forehand arc, but the backhand position is optimized for elasticity and popping speed while being more crisp and solid. Therefore, the backhand is sharper in terms of bouncing and lending power to the backhand.

The 970XX K has a similar structure to the Galaxy Blade and is different from the Che Suyeong’s Limba face material, the 970XX K uses a Kou head, which gives more direct feedback at first speed. However, the spring effect is still retained.

DAKER Wanxiang Pure

There are few big springs in Dacor’s compound boards. Most of them still belong to the type with strong ball holding. Wanxiang Pure is one of the more springy ones. The Dyne fiber enhances the accuracy and directionality of the ball. The 5+2 external fiber structure, the fiber is Dyne white fiber which is used for amphibious APC material, light, but tough and high strength.

Overall elasticity and ball spray. The combination of hinoki plywood and this super Dyne fiber naturally makes for smooth and sharp play.

In addition to the ones described above, there are actually many boards that are very bouncy. For example, the discontinued Stika Titanium King, moving on 100g, but in the middle and far table but still flexible, amazing energy. And many brands of single cypress blade, there is also a sense of throughput is very obvious, the existence of strong bottom strength, “simple”, is originally an element of violence.

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