Top 5 Best Inner Blades

The Red Double Happiness W968, which helped Ma Long, the “Hexagonal Warrior”, achieve the “Super Slam”, is familiar to all golfers. This soleplate is very good and powerful, all the performance is excellent, especially after the force of the forehand storm is brutal, not to mention the faith of the Dragon team, this soleplate in the professional players and amateur players are a lot of people use.

Although the Red Double Happiness W968 is the industry benchmark for built-in baseboards, it is a baseboard designed for professional players, with limited production, high price and high requirements for the user’s power level.

In fact, those who like to use the built-in baseboard basically like its good control under small power close to pure wood, the overall deformation of the ball “gulp”, and the power amplification when pulling and punching. Here, I would like to recommend a few built-in baseboards that are relatively more suitable for amateur players, while retaining the “flavor” of the built-in baseboard, they are easier to drive and more cost-effective. (In no particular order)

Dragon 5X

The Dragon 5X is a version of the Dragon 5 that was introduced to the market after a period of time and was fine-tuned based on consumer feedback. The structure of Dragon 5X remains the same as that of Dragon 5, both of which are: Limba face material + Ayus force material + Yellow Fang carbon fiber + Ayus large core. However, Dragon 5X has thickened the core and thinned the face and force materials on the basis of Dragon 5.

This change makes Dragon 5X easier to penetrate the fiber layer than Dragon 5, which is more conducive to speed; at the same time, the thickened core also strengthens the support, which makes lending and defense become lighter and faster, and the threshold requirement for power is thus lowered. To use an analogy, we can say that Dragon 5 (W968) is a powerful “big spring”, although its explosive power is amazing, but it also needs more power to activate and drive it; while Dragon 5 is a light and soft “small and medium spring”, although the absolute Although the absolute killing power is not as good as Dragon 5 (W968), it is less demanding on the user, and it is easier to activate the energy of the sole to kill the opponent more effectively.

Suggestions for the rubber.

1、Higher version: forehand neo blue 40 degrees + backhand 37 degrees soft

2、Lower version: neo blue 40 degrees + backhand 37 degrees of soft/rave 3-50

Yassaka Competitor power

The structure of this baseplate is basically the same as the Dragon 5 (W968), but Yassaka has made its own flavor. Unlike the Dragon 5’s softness, this blade is relatively stiffer, and the more power you put into it, the stiffer it becomes. The power ceiling is very high, and I have not touched its ceiling because of my limited ability, but I am sure that it is true to its name with power in it.

The stiff body of the board allows for better first speed, more comfortable and lighter backhand power, and friendlier compatibility with astringent sets. The center of gravity is closer to the handle than the Dragon 5, making it easier to connect the forehand and backhand. Ding Ning, the “Grand Slam”, has also used it for a while, which shows that it is excellent in terms of swing speed and spin and fits Ding Ning’s style of play.

Recommended rubber: 1.

1、Higher version: forehand blue wild 39 degrees + backhand wild 37 degrees soft/jiao fierce gold V

2、Free version: forehand Yassaka Fei Long medium hard + Yassaka Fei Long medium soft


The structure of this baseplate is similar to the Dragon 5, but the built-in fiber layer is replaced by the Blue Fang carbon that Butterfly prefers to use. This is actually an “atypical” built-in baseplate, but it still reflects Butterfly’s “comprehensive, balanced, and middle-of-the-road” philosophy, and it has some of the flavor of an external baseplate. There is not a lot of power amplification, but more of a faithful linear feeling of one point of force and one point of ball.

This is a very stable baseboard, stable in these aspects: the first is a stable defense, because Zhang Benji and ALC is 158mm X 152mm large board surface, the sweet spot of the baseboard is also correspondingly increased, the defensive time unloading + shock absorption effect is very good, especially the force of the ball is particularly strong, even if it is forced to change the line will be very confident; the second is the blitz stable, this baseboard grab pull half out of the success rate The success rate of this soleplate is extremely high, and the arc is low and flat, which is very threatening; thirdly, it is a stable screwing and pulling.

It is also very amateur friendly, and that is, it does not require a high degree of completeness and standardization of the stroke, even if you can’t pull back with your forehand, you can often hit a low and fast return with a slap or a board. Overall, it is a very good match for Jiwa Jang’s style.

Rubber suggestions.

1、Higher version: forehand butterfly D05 + backhand butterfly T64

2、Lower version: forehand K2+backhand ROZENA

Jambu Shangkun ZLC

One of the few European brands that are suitable for the Chinese playing style, the flagship of the European triumvirate. The structure of the ZC is: Lemba top material + Lemba force material + ZLC + Ayus core, using the Big Hammer surface (160mmX152mm). The Lumber is stiffer and more brittle than the Ayos used in the Dragon 5, and the ZLC fiber is lighter and faster than the Yellow Carbon. Therefore, even though this is a built-in soleplate, it still has the same speed as an external soleplate.

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