Top Player Table Tennis Bats

The qualifying rounds for the table tennis event at the National Games are in full swing. Just in the last few days, we have found some interesting and new discoveries about the equipment used by the players. In this article, we’ll talk to you about what new weapons the players are using.

Sun Yingsha – Gold Standard Carbon 45

The most anticipated boards of this year are undoubtedly the Gold Label Limited Carbon 45 and Xu Xin Gold Label. The “little shark” became the first player in China to use the Gold Standard Carbon 45. As a professional or amateur board, the Carbon 45 has created a sales myth in the new plastic ball era with its excellent feel, fine ball eating, high forgiveness, and a high balance of spin and speed. Although the bottom strength is not Xu Xin blue standard brutal, but easy on the hand, easy to add spin and good on the stage itself is a great advantage.

The “gold plated” carbon 45, the selection of materials more carefully, people expect the gold standard in the feel and ball quality can go further. After all, it is a real player-level board, so it should be better.

Xu Xin – Carbon 190

The 190 has been on the market for a few years, not that it’s old, but it’s an old board. Before the national team Feng Yalan also used. The carbon taste is heavier than the carbon 45 of the god board, some players will feel hard. But at least it’s a Limbaugh surface, so there’s no problem eating the ball. According to Xu Xin’s post-match interview, he wanted to try the carbon 190, which has a thicker carbon layer, to see if the bottom strength could be better.

In fact, in addition to the Carbon 45, there are several other products in the Stilka stretch carbon series that are very good. Carbon 90, which can be said to be a more powerful carbon 45, and Carbon 290, which is the tool of the young Swedish player Moregard to reach the final of the World Youth Championships.

Ding Ning – Falke Carbon

Ding Ning, who is already in a coaching position, will appear in the National Games again this time. This time, the weapon is Falco Carbon, which was just sent to the national team some time ago. In terms of structure, it is almost the same as the Wild Breeze Dragon 5, both are built-in aromatic carbon. But the workmanship and feel of Asaka is always fascinating. Falco carbon is also a new German-made fiber, and it is said that the power amplification effect is particularly obvious.

In the past two years, we have basically figured out Ding Ning’s “preferences” with the board. From Apollonia ZLC, Competitor Power, W968 to the current Falke Carbon, all are built-in fiber works. Emphasis on eating the ball and arc sense, and at the same time after a full force and a sense of Ayus big core of the jet, this is their common characteristics.

Wang Manyu, Zheng Peifeng – Lin Gao Yuan ALC

In addition to Lin Gaoyuan and Liu Dingshuo, who have been using the Lin Gaoyuan ALC, this time, the board has a new fan: Wang Manyu from the horizontal board and Zheng Peifeng from the straight board. We know that eels have used the gold standard Vis and Zhang Jike ALC before, in fact, Lin Gaoyuan ALC has similarities with these two boards. Both of them are relatively soft to hold the ball. Relatively speaking, the arc of Lin Gaoyuan ALC is fuller, and it can be said that it has the ability to create arcs on its own.

Under the small and medium power, it has better elasticity and slight vibration than Vis and Zhang Jike ALC, and the continuous attack is very smooth and seems flexible. Although the quality of the ball is not Vis heavy, but the forehand and backhand stability, balanced attack and defense, is likely to achieve the new year of the legend of the board.

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