Victas Rubbers

Recently the circle of friends was a small video screened, the Japanese national team players test a set of rubber sticky video let people feel incredible, first to see!

The rubber tested in the video is VICTAS’ upcoming TRIPLE series super sticky rubber, which has 6 models according to hardness, the hardest being 57.5 degrees.

According to the idea, this hardest rubber will be prepared for the top players, pressing the rubber sponge, the toughness is full.
This wave of robbery, turnip is not soft, count down, there are 4 series of 13 new rubbers. The family photo.
We all know that at some point in the future, it will be difficult to see TSP on the market, this brand with decades of history will be merged with the new expensive brand VICTAS, that is to say, some of TSP’s classic models of rubbers will all wear the coat of VICTAS, so there is the following wave of changes.

VICTAS D series is almost equal to TSP’s positive rubber series.
D1 corresponds to TSP 20812

D2 corresponds to TSP’s red and blue rubber.

D3 is a chipping rubber.

Second, VICTAS S series is roughly equivalent to TSP raw rubber series.

S1 corresponds to TSP 20082 (Wang Tao’s version)

S2 corresponds to the derivative of 20082, which emphasizes speed and control on the basis of 20082.

S3 corresponds to the derivative of 20082, which is the hardest in this series, emphasizing the strongest attack and fearless rotation.

VICTAS P series corresponds to TSP CURL long rubber series.

P series rubbers correspond well with TSP CURL rubbers, you can find the corresponding rubbers according to the number on the top right corner of the package.

P1 corresponds to TSP20505, which is the longest, weirdest and most variable one in this series, and should be the model used by Korean player Seo Hyo Won.

P2 corresponds to TSP20125, which is thicker and more aggressive than P1, and is an offensive type of long rubber.

P3 corresponds to 20145, the height of the particles is reduced, the strangeness is reduced, it is easier to control and more suitable for beginner long rubber players.

P3a is a kind of between P1 and P3.

P4 corresponds to TSP20195, developed by Koji Matsushita, and is a long rubber suitable for chipper players.

P5 corresponds to TSP20175. P5 is a long rubber that is suitable for pushing and snapping, as compared to P1, both in terms of grain texture and sponge hardness. So far, P1 and P4 are the two most preferred models for professional suspensions.

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