36.5°C is the standard value of normal body temperature, so what does it mean to be named after 36.5? 36.5 means healthy, reasonable, standard, and 36.5 ALX is synonymous with reasonable hardness, balanced feel, and stable control. 36.5 is a kind of “at will” control.

You can always embrace the fierce design

The new 36.5 ALX has been awarded with the Japan Good Design Award, and every time we open a new product, we are always impressed. This time, the 36.5 ALX is also a drawer design, with bright colors and simple, dazzling lines.

The handle is colored in blue and black, with a green line label on the front and back, and these colors come together in one piece to give a sense of spring fashion. The handle uses ANGLE FREE technology. The shoulders are slightly wider and the handle shape is a bit like Ball ALC, but slightly flat and thin, which is very comfortable. The combination of blue and green tones on the tail mark echoes the markings on both sides of the handle.

Cold drying process and new aromatic carbon

While the vast majority of baseplate layers are bonded by hot pressing technology, the 36.5 ALX uses a fixed temperature cold-drying technology. We simply understand that the transition in feel may be more lubricated, and the control and ball holding will be more stable.

The fiber layer of 36.5 ALX is a new composite aromatic carbon. In terms of feel, it should be somewhere between yellow aromatic carbon and blue aromatic carbon. During the test play, I felt that it is more soft than yellow aromatic carbon and not as brittle as blue aromatic carbon.

Structure analysis and feel

Kotobuki top material – ALX fiber layer – Rimba transition layer – Tung wood core. Generally speaking, the surface material of koji is brittle and bounces quickly. Tong wood core is transparent and controllable near the table. Actual measurement: 5.75mm, 85.3g.

This 36.5 ALX actually feels like the Lin Kao Yuan ALC, so much so that I would like to translate the name “DEEP IMPACT” (from 36.5 DEEP IMPACT ALX) as “deep ball holding”.

Like the Lin Gao Yuan ALC, the 36.5 ALX is also a ball holding priority and has a pretty good natural arcing ability. When the 36.5 ALX is not under power, the arc distance is shorter than that of the ALC, and the bounce is less pronounced. At this point, it is somewhat like Nittaku’s Hurricane King speed. It’s just steady and bland like water.

But once the power is on, the stored power sense of ALX comes out, the power is amplified and the elasticity is obviously enhanced. At this point, it can pull out a longer arc than Lin Gao Yuan’s ALC.

With the same jacket configuration on the forehand and backhand, the feel is still very similar to that of the Lin Gao Yuan ALC. Both belong to the kind of soft, not rigid ball holding. If the hold of Lin GaoYuan ALC is 10 points, 36.5 ALX is about 9.5 points. The clarity is comparable. The 36.5 ALX does not have the vibration of the built-in aromatic carbon.

With medium power, the speed of 365 ALX is average. The topping rate is quite high, but it is less threatening. It is also quite stable when topping the big board, but it does not feel as hard as the Lin Gao Yuan ALC when adding power.

However, after the active force, it feels more flexible than Lin Gaoyuan ALC. It is able to pull the ball with more power than Lin Gao Yuan ALC. In this regard, the Lin Gao Yuan ALC is a little bit unfulfilling, while the 36.5 ALX can release more.

The 36.5 ALX’s high ball holding performance and “average flexibility with medium power, rebound amplifies after power” makes it a great serve with good spin and small ball control. It is also very versatile in terms of rubber matching. Personally, I think that Jiao Mang’s own German set is more biting and solid sponge, so it should complement each other. If the forehand is matched with Brio, it can be primed to increase the elasticity to enhance the killing power of the baseplate under medium power holding.

On the whole, 36.5 ALX is a balanced player with high ball holding and steady play, but also has enough bounce to kill when attacking actively.

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